Short Story Contest 1 - "Blood"

The deadline for the second contest has already passed and the stories are available for reading. It had a Spring theme, and the winner got a $25 gift certificate. Stay tuned for information regarding another contest!
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Re: Short Story Contest 1 - "Blood"

Post by nidhish »

I just loved your story its creepy & sad at the same time .
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Post by Athena23 »

It was interesting. I can wait to read more of your work. Keep it up!
Varel Silvita
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Post by Varel Silvita »

Ok, if you are sensitive, take constructive criticism badly or just generally have a temper the size of France, then I suggest you ignore what i am about to write below.
The writing is good but a wider range of vocabulary could be used. The sentences and paragraphs are structured clearly but the text feels....what's the word? A bit plain. Flat, almost. The use of repetition is effective. Emotive language could be used to make the reader feel angry,regretful,joyful,etc.
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Post by TammyO »

Awesome story! I really enjoyed it. You are a very talented writer.
"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense." ~Tom Clancy
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Post by kennguyen »

Your article is great and I liked it immensely. trying to promote offline
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Post by CYMH090909 »

It was an alright story. I didn't like the repetitive use of I'm evil though. The story reminded me more of a poem instead of a short story.
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Post by Profeta »

I love it!. He needs to find the reason because nobody love him and that was because he is evil. So to his life make sense, he needs to become in to a mad man.
pallavi garg
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Post by pallavi garg »

Scary...sent a shiver down my spine...but truthful...I think psychopath can't control urges..very well constructed and well described scenes...
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Diana Welch
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Post by Diana Welch »

Your story is scary and great.
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john harvey
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Post by john harvey »

good post keet it up :)
Shayaree Chanda
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Post by Shayaree Chanda »

A good story to read. Awesome way if using repeating "I'm evil." Would love to read such stories in the long run.
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Post by Dolor »

You had scared me.

Your grandmama is right. "Sometimes, good people do bad things."

I think, Tristan should not blame himself for his Big pa and Grandmama's death.

His parents made him think that he's evil. He was brought up unloved, unwanted and unattended that is why he tried to do bad things to get attention.

The story is well-written. I wish I could submit short story entries too but I don't know how to and what to write.
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Post by JulinaBarry »

i really enjoyed your story, but it was kind of scary as i read more and more and couldn't stop till the end
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Post by tchaltraw1 »

It kept my interest all the way through. Excellent.
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Lady Rose17
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Post by Lady Rose17 »

Nice story to consider
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