What is your favorite comfort food and go? 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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What is your favorite comfort food and go? 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Post by Torimarch11 »

Sweets are my go to. What is something good that is less fattening bc taste great?

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Post by kaylahk17 »

I agree with sweets but more specifically chocolate. I would put pinterest and baking as some of my top hobbies. I'll even put up with the dishes afterwards just to do a little baking.

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Post by Alyssa »

I’m going to third the sweets! But my favourite is chocolate coffee cake, so good and just the thing to make me feel better on a cold winter day.

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Post by SurroundedByBooks »

Apple pie...probably with custard but I’m willing to make do with ice cream. 🙃

If it’s a main course then something homely like cottage pie.

Hmm..there’s seems to be a pie theme here.
“You know, for kids!”

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Post by PRECIOUSreads »

Chocolate and Kentucky fried chicken
PRECIOUSreads :techie-studyingbrown:

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Post by diamonnd »

I love sweets and especially ice cream, but I think my go-to comfort food would have to be something savory. I love pizza and chicken pot pie.

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Post by SarahTheReader »

I have a sweet tooth, but I also love spicy food. I would say the most common comfort food I eat is pizza and chocolate. One of my favourite comfort foods is Ramen, especially if it is spicy.

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Post by HSwilliams123 »

I agree with sweets! My go-to is coconut layer cake, it’s so good and makes me feel better.

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Post by Queenyx »

Salad... any day any time with lots of mayonnaise to add in

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Post by Oneka Quamina-Miguel »

My favorite go to is plantain chips or granola 😊 I can have it any time of day!

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Post by leximutia »

This may seem a bit unusual, but my go-to comfort food is soft-boiled eggs. And maybe some toast to go with it. Sometimes, I make my own candied walnuts.

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Post by Thea Frederick »

My comfort food is ice cream, I almost always feel like eating ice cream!
-Thea M. Frederick

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Post by Netvigator72 »

SurroundedByBooks wrote:
26 Feb 2020, 23:39
Apple pie...probably with custard but I’m willing to make do with ice cream. 🙃

If it’s a main course then something homely like cottage pie.

Hmm..there’s seems to be a pie theme here.
This just gave me the craziest of cravings.

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