What's your most favorite type of ice cream?

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Re: What's your most favorite type of ice cream?

Post by CarolandHarper »

My most favorite ice cream is Vanilla. It has a smooth taste to it and I especially love homemade vanilla ice cream

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Oneka Quamina-Miguel
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Post by Oneka Quamina-Miguel »

I have a few favorite flavors. I love Chuncky Monkey, chocolate, peanut and coconut.... nutty flavors. I guess I'm nuts for Ice cream! I love Soursop as well :lol:

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Post by leximutia »

I'm lactose intolerant, so I stay away from dairy... But there a few non-dairy ice creams I love! Chocolate is one of my favorite flavors, across all types of sweets / desserts.

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Post by Bhagyashree99 »

Ice-cream is my go to comfort food. Some favourites are chocolate, vanilla and cookie dough. I also love fruit based ice-creams such as musk-melon, watermelon, orange and lemon. They have a very natural tangy flavour to them.

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Post by Netvigator72 »

I specifically like rolled ice cream. My specific flavor is vanilla ice cream and banana in the rolls with a Nutella and whipped cream topping.
I also enjoy the World class chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins with hot fudge and nuts.

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Post by cookiedough »

Cookie dough, obviously. I also enjoy the ice cream sandwiches on a warm summer day. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is refreshing and another favorite.

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Post by yapashley »

I can't choose! I love classic vanilla, cookies and cream, brownie fudge, coffee crumble, macapuno. There's so much ice cream flavors there aren't any all time favorites.

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Post by Spontaneo »

Carolreads30 wrote:
19 Mar 2020, 05:09
My favorite ice cream is Butter Pecan. That is some of the most flavorful ice cream that you can find in my opinion. I personally love a good chocolate as well. I also love ice cream sandwiches!!
My mother Rose has always loved butter pecan. She most be thinking of me. :wink:
You Only Grow Old If You Want To

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Katkut Muftaris
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Post by Katkut Muftaris »

My favorite ice cream flavor is cotton candy. Also, I like to eat my ice cream instead of licking it. :)

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Post by Bookworm101520 »

Mint chocolate chip for me! Though Salt & Straw has a honey lavender ice cream that is AMAZING.

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Post by Reader-247 »

All icecream flavours are amazing <3
but for me it has to be cashew or cheeko (Sapodilla) or custard apple or strawberry cheesecake or bounty or pistacho
in no particular order :D
I think i have to re-iterate that all icecream flavours are amazing. :lol: :lol:

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Post by diamonnd »

I love mint chocolate chip or mango when looking for cold ice cream on a hot summer day. But cookies and cream mixed with cookie dough is definitely my go-to when indulging in the winter.

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Post by Echez_ »

Ohh yummy! I love vannilla ice cream. Though, sometimes I'd go for chocolate. Buh for me vannilla does it all the time

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Art West
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Post by Art West »

We have a local Ice Cream shop that has started to offer Banana Pudding Ice Cream. It is excellent! Right now, that is my favorite ice cream, but in my opinion, ice cream is kind of like pizza. Pretty much all of it is good.

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Post by Audrey_Scarlett »

My favorite kind of ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough, but in second place is definitely cookies and cream.

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