What's your go to comfort food?

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Re: What's your go to comfort food?

Post by yapashley »

Pizza, pasta, ice cream, chocolate.
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Post by clarygilbert20 »

My comfort foods

-Mac and cheese
-All kinds of pies
-Chipotle bowls
-Takeout from a local restaurant
-Mint chocolate chip ice cream
-Tea, with milk
-Chocolate chip cookies with cold milk
Eriny Youssef
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Post by Eriny Youssef »

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Post by Iconicsmt »

This sounds crazy, but... lemons. I can literally sit and suck lemon slices with the greatest of joy, ha. Obviously I can’t do it often because I’m, you know, fond of having teeth, but I savor each one when I do. My mom said she was obsessed with lemonade during her pregnancy with me, so I blame her!
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Post by 77way »

My comfort food are pizza with any topping, hamburgers, hot dog, muffins, cookies, and chocolate with good taste and nice in my tongue.
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Post by _claudi_ »

I think its weird I prefer fries and cheese dip.
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Post by joynob24365 »

Chocolates and coffee.
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Post by MeMeREAD7 »

Oh My....SOUP! My first choice as a Go To Comfort Food.
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Post by Melexa »

Icecream, fried chicken, pizza etc.
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Post by zainherb »

Pizza, fried chicken.
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Post by RavingReads »

Definitely chicken tenders and fries!
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Post by amber-yvonne »

I think my favorite comfort food is chicken and dumplings! It's so classic, one pot of it lasts for multiple days, and I'm hardly ever not in the mood for homemade chicken and dumplings. I've just recently had a tooth extraction so I've been eating a lot of that and potato soup this week. I think another classic is a plain chicken quesadilla from the local Mexican restaurant, I don't know how they do it but they make it so good I have literally had dreams about their quesadillas.
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Post by FJCJ55 »

Mine are cheese. Usually, cheddar, but I have incorporated cottage cheese and halloumi in that mix. Anything cheese related is addiction. Pizza, Philadelphia cheese sushi, grilled cheese, etc. I also get very fond of seafood. It makes me melt from the inside!
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Post by Black Jewel »

Definitely gonna have to say pizza above all things for comfort food... Though chicken and dumplings has to be a close second.
Amina Yusuf
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Post by Amina Yusuf »

My comfort food is peanuts, which we called groundnuts here. Then, chocolate, Oats biscuits, ice cream, Cookies and Crackers.
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