Children's Non-Fiction vs. Fiction based on a true story

Discuss the September 2016 Book of the Month, A Spiritual Dog: Bear by J. Wesley Porter.
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Wasif Ahmed
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Re: Children's Non-Fiction vs. Fiction based on a true story

Post by Wasif Ahmed »

I guesd that it varies from children to children. Some would prefer fiction while others like non-fiction. :)
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Post by Paliden »

My children enjoy both types of books. My older children ( 11 and 9) tend to lean more toward non-fiction in this case while my youngest (7) definitely prefers fiction based on a true story.
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Post by rvenkat »

fictional dog with colourful illustrations is better. i am not sure if every child will like real dog photos.
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Azeline Arcenal
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Post by Azeline Arcenal »

Based on my experience as a baby-sitter, I feel like children like picture books with lots and lots of interesting illustrations. If the book is able to make a sound, they absolutely love it. I think a book filled with colorful illustrations that is based on a real dog could make a good book for little kids.
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Post by csimmons032 »

To be honest I don't know. I can only tell you what I preferred when I was little, which would be the colorful illustrations.
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Post by Anjum »

As long as the story is good, I think any type of story would be fine.
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Post by rcarr13 »

My kids like both. My daughter (age 2) enjoys anything with an animal on it. She doesn't care if it's a real-life photo or a drawn illustration. My son (age 8) would prefer pictures of the real animal if the story is based on a true story. He likes to be able to see what the real-life animal or people looked like. He enjoys a good fictional story too and is likes the drawn illustrations that go with those too.
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Post by angiejack456 »

When my children were very young they preferred real pictures. Perhaps they could relate to them more because this is the world as they saw it. But as they grow older, and the better readers they become, they prefer a fiction book. As Anne of Green Gable's would say, "It provides more scope for their imagination."
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Post by rumik »

I think it depends on each individual child, but I guess vivid illustrations of dogs might be more appealing to most children than pictures of the real thing.
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Post by Namaste23 »

I think it depends on the age. It could also depend on the reason the child is reading the book. Overall, I would say that children would prefer fiction and not such a realistic description of the life cycle of a dog. If the child is older and either adopting a dog or just interested in the life cycle of a dog, then maybe this book would be appropriate.
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Abi McCoy
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Post by Abi McCoy »

klbradley wrote: 07 Sep 2016, 13:24 I don't think it matters if the pictures are actual photographs or drawings, just if the story and the pictures are able to hold the child's attention.
This was my thought exactly. Photographs can be even more impactful sometimes because it shows the reality of the situation as well.
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Post by photosynthesis19 »

I think that both drawings and real-life pictures can successfully hold the attention of young readers, especially when animals are involved. As long as the pictures are related to the story and contain enough action or detail, they can be very effective. A Spiritual Dog: Bear fulfills these criteria.
Micheal Ukewuihe
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Post by Micheal Ukewuihe »

Children enjoy books based on the illustrations and how it connects to them. Majority of the time the don’t know if the story is based on a true life story but as long as the like the picture regardless of if it’s realistic or animated they would enjoy the book.
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