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arisha islam
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Re: Review of Back to Serve

Post by arisha islam »

This is a book that I am excited to read. Thank you very much for recommending it to me.I love this book.
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Post by Kibabcock »

I don’t typically read historical books but after reading this review, I am actually excited to give it a try. It sounds like it will catch my attention and keep me interested. Looking forward to reading something new. Great review!
Sempote Toplom
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Post by Sempote Toplom »

Im interested to read books for my family and friends .I really like the information because everyone must learn to read the books.
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leonard cavallaro
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Post by leonard cavallaro »

Hmmm, historical fiction is a truly special genre. Combining the past with an author's creativity is an amazing thing!
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Post by Nickymya »

I would not wish to read a military on a regular day but the review given by the author made me itch to read the book! I'd say it's very catchy.
John Karanja 1
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Post by John Karanja 1 »

It seems that serving the government cannot be limited by retirement age of a person.
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Post by Adeniyi12 »

I love books that deals with history but not full history .I will try to get the book and check out the content
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Post by Seeker12345 »

Amazing highlights that makes me felt like reading this book. I haven’t read a military book before but I’m eager to read this. Thanks for the insight
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Post by CyHenry+online »

Most of the military relating stories I have read, are always sorrowful but I think this will be an exception,so I will love to read the whole book.
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Post by Chetna_123 »

The books based on historical tales whether fictional or nonfictional are not my taste. But this review is detailed and provoked me to keep this one on my list for later read. Thanks for the review.
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Post by amakaokoye »

Thanks for this wonderful review! I'm a fan of historical fiction books and I'll love to read this book.
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Hyacinth Bella
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Post by Hyacinth Bella »

I think how history is inserted or incorporated in the plot is one great example of excellent writing and excellent creativity. Thanks for the great review!
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Adelle v
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Post by Adelle v »

I'm looking forward to read this book. I love historical fiction. Thanks for a great review.
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Post by Viczboy16 »

Historical fiction book about a retired army, nice cover page and an interesting review. Kudos as I hope to read this soon.
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Rashawn Carter
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Post by Rashawn Carter »

This book sounds very interesting. I'm not usually a reader of historical fiction but this one has grabbed my attention. Nicely done review.
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