What Would You Miss?

Discuss the March 2017 Book of the Month, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.
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Re: What Would You Miss?

Post by AA1495 »

I would miss people close to me and that calm feeling I get from being around them all the time.
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Post by ZenaLei7 »

First of all, I would miss my friends and family. I would also miss my pets especially my dogs. I would also miss having internet and a daily connection with the world. Modern day conveniences like phones, computers, and iPads would also be missed.
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Post by Genaaa »

I'd definitely miss my family and friends the most. It's always nice to have someone there when needed.
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Post by psychopathycathy »

I'm sure family and friends is the first thing that comes to everyone's mind, and I'm no different. But for me, personally, maybe just everything I've never had the chance to do.
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Post by debo9967 »

Well, apart from family and friends, I would miss what defined my life till now, and what plans I'd for future or my dreams/ambition, because they'll be altered due to the uncertainty surrounding future.
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Post by AlwaysWorthIt »

First and foremost, I would miss my friends, family, my puppies. I think I would also miss the day to day life, the ease of it all, the normalcy. Getting up, shower, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch tv, read a book, sit outside and stare into the yard thinking how beautiful it is. I would miss fast food, the easy access to food, medicine, etc. End point, the easiness of life.
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Post by dhomespot »

I would miss my kindles if books were not available. Yes, I would miss my family if they were not with me, but going by the front of the book, I think technology would be the thing I miss the most.
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Post by Books_are_Life »

Everything I know that has been taken but thinking about it nothing would be new. If something broke completely we can replace it today but without factories everything has a timetable. Imagine the last ever shoelace broke how would we tie are shoes and it just spiral from there.
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Spirit Wandering
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Post by Spirit Wandering »

The loss of humanity's cultural history-books, art, etc. To quote from my favorite Sci-Fi show, B5:
"It won't just take us-it will take Lao Tzu & Marilyn Monroe, Einstein & Buddy Holly..."
Interested in books that help one's spirit move beyond the ordinary.
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Post by Megwe85 »

I would miss people the most, but running water is a close second.
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Post by KAV »

Scerakor wrote:Most of the answers here have been that they would miss the people and their families. I understand what they are saying, and perhaps it is a valid response (assuming they did not survive the plague with you). That being said, the question inside the front cover, in my opinion, is directly related to the collapse of technology as we know it. The oldest remaining survivors will be the only ones who still know what the purpose of that now shiny brick with the word "iPhone" on it actually is. The characters are marvelled by the idea of technology, computer screens, and even trying to understand what the concept of the internet is. I think my answer here is impossible to say, because, we really don't know what we have until it is gone. The thing that you tend to miss the most is something that has become second nature to you already and that you don't think about.
Very true. I think it would have been easier to be one of the children born after the collaspe. The world would have been so different that it would be hard to choose one thing.
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Post by Mannie913 »

It looks pretty unanimous that people would miss their families. I would miss my little girl so much. I think the hurt would be blinding.
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Post by Sparkletime »

I think I might be so consumed by everything that missing things and people would be the back of my mind. I think it might become just a dull ache of missing constantly that I'd ignore. I'd miss band aids and toothpaste, women's products and all that. I'd miss being able to buy new shoes when mine get a hole. It'd just be constant tiny things.
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Post by Chandre »

I will miss my kids and family. And basically everything else. We have it tmso easy with the luxurious life we live in. But seriously, I think if I had to every lose my kids I would not know how to cope, and maybe that would not help me much in surviving.
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Post by NerdGirl91 »

I agree with most people here. My family and my dog! I can't imagine being without some of the most amazing people I know.
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