What objects would you bring with you?

Discuss the March 2017 Book of the Month, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.
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Re: What objects would you bring with you?

Post by Narcissa13 »

A homemade wool sweater(in case I run into bad weather) and my copy of "Collected Poems of Robert Service". I used to take the poetry collection with me on my outdoor excursions in college, I associate it with adventure and personal exploration.
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Post by AlwaysWorthIt »

Only two items is tough one. I would definitely take a knife with me. Number one thing daddy taught me never to be without. The second...can I bring my dog? He would be the other thing that would help me get through any situation and he is a part of my past in so many ways. If that wasn't an option (as I suspect it wouldn't be) then I would say a picture of my family. It's too easy to get lost in a picture. It tells a 1000 stories without the need of a library.
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Post by Peta2017 »

Wow that's really a hard one. Outside of necessities? A book and perhaps a family pic
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Post by Books_are_Life »

Like everyone else have said this is very difficult. I will bring a stuff polar bear it has been with me since toddler years and she's small so I wouldn't get weighed down. For my second I'm at a loss I have to say a family picture as well but the future may hold something better.
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Post by papaya12 »

I would take Black Bear, a stuffed bear that I have had since I was seven, and a letter from one of my best friends back in Ukraine. Other alternatives might be family photos or photos with friends.
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Post by Leese »

This is really tough. A lot of things that have sentimental value to me or that I use on a daily basis would have no purpose in a post-apocalyptic world. Like a few others, I'd probably take a book, though I expect that after a few years of reading it I'd probably get tired of it, no matter how good it was. The other thing I'd take would be a locket I have that contains some of my dog's ashes.
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Post by olaiya oluwafemi »

I have to take pictures of my family and my Bible. These two things are very important for me.
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Post by SonjaB1006 »

I would also bring a picture of those I hold close to my heart. I would also take a journal and pen with me, not as a keepsake, but as a way to record the present and create a new history.
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Post by KAV »

I think initially I would have taken a picture of my family since so many people died, but thinking from a survival standpoint I would grab a knife, a pot and something to make fire.
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Post by Shein30438 »

This makes me sound like a true milenial, but I would bring my cell phone. I say this because it has thousands of pictures, memories, of my family and life over the last 5 1/2 years. And the other object I would bring is my journal.
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Post by V_bansal2912 »

I think my family picture would be there for sure and the other would be my favorite book.
Rest all would be necessities rather than keepsakes.
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Post by Mannie913 »

I have an old ring that was given to me on my wedding day. It was my grandmothers. I would wear that still and a picture of my beautiful family. I have a daughter and husband which i love more than anything. Those two items could get me through anything.
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Post by Chandre »

I would take something small of whatever I can carry with me. Family picture, gold and stuff I could trade if I had to. A small Bible, my harmonica, obviously clothes and some things to get buy with. Some food. I'm used to carrying my kids around so the heavy bags won't matter.
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Post by CZCampbell »

That is such a tough question. I would definitely bring a family photo album and a pre-loaded full to bursting with books kindle, perhaps?
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Post by cherrykarl »

kandscreeley wrote:That's a really tough one. A family picture and my bible.
I definitely agree with kandscreeley. :)
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