Discuss the March 2017 Book of the Month, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.
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Re: Scavenging

Post by dhomespot »

Food, clothes, weapons, medicines, and then other essentials like pots and pans. I, being the geek I am, would also look for books and magazine. I find reading my greatest escape from everyday living.
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Post by Books_are_Life »

I agree with everyone here but I would like to stress the importance of mental health once basic needs are met. So book, paper, pencil what ever you need to stay sane.
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Post by papaya12 »

Basically what everyone else said. I would first take all of the necessities and then I would probably keep coming back for everything else.
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Rebecca Henderson
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Post by Rebecca Henderson »

Scavenging is an interesting subject, because it really revolves around the notion of property and possession. I mean I think people scavenge a lot in their own lives, simply by going to Goodwill or ARC or thrift stores where unwanted items are up for sale. Garage sale anyone?

To answer the question, I think scavenging is a bit cool and weird at the same time. I mean if I come up on an abandoned house and I have to scavenge from it, food and supplies are going to be my first priorities. At the same time, we all want those things that are cool and different than what other people have. That's the basis of like every cool toy out there. So I think I'd look for cool things after that. I know that's a bit vague, but I'd be looking for things out of the ordinary, that stand out. Like if someone had a really nice jacket or it was colored in an interesting pattern. I'd probably need the jacket anyway, but it would differentiate me.
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Post by Megwe85 »

I would look for food, medicine, and tools that travel well. Clothing and anything that could be made into clothing would be next. I agree with the other posters regarding the need for shoes - that would definitely be a priority.
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Post by bluegreenmarina »

Water/food/shelter aside, I would look for tools like knives and hammers and shovels. Also medicines and first aid supply.
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Post by christinac_2585 »

Water would be essential as well as food and medicine. I would then look for clothes and shoes along with weapons. Weapons are important because not only can you hunt, but you can use it for protection as well. I agree with a psi above about keeping your sanity so I would look for books, crossword puzzles, and magazines only if I have enough room to take them with me.
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Post by Jax14 »

I think I would be so excited at finding things that I would load up as much stuff as I could and probably regret it just down the road when I realise that it is way too heavy and that I didn't need half the things I took!
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Post by KAV »

Everyone has pretty much summed it up what I would scavenge, but like Jennifer said, I would have been pretty tempted to just stay put for a few days with a safe, comfortable roof over my head (and a bed).
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Post by CaptainAmerica4321 »

Jennifer Allsbrook wrote:In Station Eleven, characters find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world where survival is a struggle and scavenging has become a necessity. When Kristen and August stumble upon an untouched house, the exploration begins. If you found yourself in this situation, what would you look for?
I would take everything necessary like food, clothing, medicines etc and put them in a bag (also taken by me).
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Post by Nthabeleng »

a gun, strong shoes, food, shower in a bottle or invent mine and medicine
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Post by csimmons032 »

Definitely food. I would also look for more clothes medicine, and basically everything that could be useful. Whatever is necessary and needed, that's what I would be looking for.
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Post by Escarilla »

I would first look for food and water. Then, I would look for tools that i can use to hunt for food and weapons that I can use to defend myself. I would also look for extra clothes or blankets to help keep warm.
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Post by EMoffat »

I would look for medicine and something I could use for weapons. When you are first running away I think your mind would be jumbled and you would probably grab unpractical items - hopefully, you would then be able to find shoes and clothing and food along the way.
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Post by jemgirl202 »

I would look for anything of use. Besides food, I could use clothes, shoes and tools.

-- 05 Jun 2017, 20:58 --

I would look for anything of use. Besides food, I could use clothes, shoes and tools.
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