Finding a little bit of the Author in their Work

Discuss the March 2017 Book of the Month, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.
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Re: Finding a little bit of the Author in their Work

Post by papaya12 »

I had a lesson about how writers shine through in their works today! I think that if I was an author I think my Christian values would show through and they have shown through every time I've had to write anything
Lovely Eimeren
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Post by Lovely Eimeren »

I agree. However, you would like to read three or more literary works of the author before concluding that he or she leaves a part of him/her in the book.
My favorite author is the classic English writer Jane Austen. Her novels do have recurring theme about social status and marriage. When you read her biography, you will find out why. :)
If I would become an author, I think I would write about the wealthy people oppressing the poor. I would also write about a woman who is incredibly independent. She doesn't need someone to be happy. She's contented with herself. Should there be any relationship, it would never be romantic. The man would just be an added value to the woman.
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Post by Khaya »

When I write, sometimes I show myself in my writing and I don't even realize it, even when my friends point it out. I'll read my story again a year later and then suddenly see how close to home the character and plot is to me.
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Post by k2rugman »

I feel like when I write, I write about things for which I have great passion. I like writing about close family relationships. I enjoy writing about towns that are similar to where I grew up. I like giving characters traits that I sometimes embody.
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Post by nikkon »

Every artist have their special techniques, some want to put their all while others are more reserved. I find it very interesting that they would do this in their work and it makes me want to learn about them more.
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Post by jemgirl202 »

Tolkien! I believe there is a quote by him saying that he would have been a hobbit. You see his passion for language and how events that he experienced influenced the Lord of the Rings.
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Anirudh Badri
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Post by Anirudh Badri »

The author generally brings out his character in one of two ways. The first is in the writing style where influences are certainly there, and often detectable. Authors tend to write with a style reminiscent of the authors they have idealized and respected.

The second is in the characters. While a few authors model the characters after themselves, what is far more common is for them to model the characters based on qualities that they admire, and to correspondingly model villains with characteristics that they personally hate.
It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.

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Post by rhiza021 »

I personally think that this is true. Characters have a little bit a personality which came from either the author himself or someone he personally know in real life. There would also be times that a character is a person the author wished he could have been. When you try to write a story of your own, you will just find yourself sharing something about yourself (consciously or unconsciously) in your works.
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Post by AYISHA_ASH »

I believe that the author tells a bit of their story through their books. The characters may experience what could have been experienced by the author or what the author wishes had happened.

-- 11 Jun 2017, 10:54 --

In this case, the authors are hardcore fans of Adele and find meaning in her lyrics. They convey the story through the lyrics of Adele's song.
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Post by Lennycat »

I love when an author puts a little of himself or herself in their words. It's like giving a part of themselves away with each book. One author that comes to mind is Stephen King. I enjoy that he sets his stories in Northeastern, creepy towns in Maine.
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Vivian Paschal
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Post by Vivian Paschal »

This got me thinking of writers that write about their professional fields. John Grisham always renders beautiful accounts of lawyering. Patricia Cornwell's experience is clear in her novels on forensic science and crime. Michael Palmer writes on crime mostly but it's so beautiful to read how he combines medicine with crime. I write in my leisure, and my characters usually have a bit of me. Writers write what they know and that gives the book a realistic feel.
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Post by Anjum »

I think that a book reflects the nature of an author and the situation in which he grew up.
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