Overall Rating and Opinion of "Superhighway"

Discuss the June 2017 Book of the Month, Superhighway by Alex Fayman. Superhighway is the first book in the Superhighway Trilogy, so feel free to use this forum to discuss not only the first book but also the other books in the series.

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Re: Overall Rating and Opinion of "Superhighway"

Post by David_92 »

I loved the book because it speaks of a guy who uses the impossible to overcome his challenge through unforeseen medium. Digital solutions .
Latest Review: "And Then I Met Margaret" by Rob White

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Post by kfwilson6 »

I really enjoyed this book. I gave it a 4 out of 4 stars on my review (I'd love for you to read it). I thought the idea was unique and I thought Alex was a mostly typical teenage guy. As a woman, I couldn't really relate to his relationship issues but I thought a lot of guys his age would act the same way. I enjoyed Fayman's explanation of how Alex came to possess his abilities. I don't particularly care of all of the science adds up, as long as the explanation theoretically makes some sort of sense, I can be ok with it. I also enjoyed learning about Alex's family.

I did not enjoy what happened with Anna and thought it was a little ridiculous. I also thought it was dumb that he met all of the girls back to back and had feelings for each one of them.

I think as the story progressed Alex began to learn from his mistakes. He knew he screwed up with Eva, he knew he needed to stop appearing in between women's legs when he traveled, he knew he screwed up with Lehman Brothers. He has potential to be a better "superhero" in book two.

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Post by chupke07 »

I actually enjoyed it a good bit. I downloaded the second one to read in my free time to see if it stands up to the first one.

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Post by Storm+ »

I rated this book a 3 out of 4. I really enjoyed the concept as a whole, and even the use of the concept to build a plot, but I wasn't really rooting for the main character. To be honest, my least favorite part of this story was Alex, which is why I probably wouldn't recommend this book to very many people, unless I knew for sure it was something they would like.

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Post by Amy+++ »

The book sounds different and out there and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It sounds like it needs a little bit more to clarify how some of the things happened to him.

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Post by Eryn Bradshaw »

I just finished this and wrote a review for it. I found that it wasn't bad, but it also wasn't great. I got bored and distracted a few times throughout the book. I really don't like Alex Fine either.
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Post by asere_maryanne »

I really enjoyed reading the book, Superhighway. I enjoyed everything about it except for it's sexual content and the spelling and grammatical errors. I rate it a 3 out of 4 stars.

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Post by mac83 »

I rated the book 3 out of 4. I enjoyed it. There were a few spelling errors and punctuation mistakes, but overall it was a good read. The story was faced paced and I kept wanting to read on to find out what would happen next. I'm looking forward to reading the second and third books.
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Post by SpencerVo »

I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. It has a great premise and explores what one can do with such a refreshing superpower. However, I prefer something more contemplative since Alex's thoughts are quite immature and superficial. The book also has the feel of a teenage dream or a wish fulfillment rather than a serious sci-fi novel.
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Post by Dee_7Reichardt »

The sci-fi element interested me initially and the concept of computer travel was unique. However, the story became harder and harder for me to get through as it progressed. I did not approve of the character's inability to learn from his mistakes, for one example. Then the author threw in this experiment in the government explanation, which annoyed me. It almost seemed like he drew from a hat to explain the cause of Alex's powers which was anticlimactic in my opinion. I believe I gave it a 3 out of 4, not based on plot, but because of some grammar issues and awkward wording. For the first book in a supposed trilogy it did not make me want to read the next one.

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Post by Scrawling Pen »

Overall, I did not really enjoy this book. At first it was engaging, but soon it felt repetitive and unbelievable.

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Post by Atara Miles »

I loved the idea. It was relatively original and the concept was really imaginative. What took away from the book was Alex's weakness when it came on to succumbing to every basic desire and his lack of restraint with respect to his power and I just couldn't really connect to him. I rate it 2 out of 4. I would recommend this book to people for the creativity behind it but not for the actual characters.

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