If You Created a Charity, What is it and Who Does it Help?

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Re: If You Created a Charity, What is it and Who Does it Hel

Post by EmSwan »

A charity for mental health, supporting anyone who struggles as a result of it, the entire family, weather it be the person dealing with the mental health issue or the carers and people living with them
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Post by DanceRhythm »

I would create a charity to provide education to children who do not currently have access to it. Third World countries can only ever develop once the people there beging to receive better education. Most problems that end as war, famine, female castrations, child marriages and numerous preventable diseases start with a lack of education.
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Post by dhwanis »

I would have a charity for animals. Where I live there are a lot of dogs, cats, cows, and what not who have to live on the street at the mercy of the people (who majorly are not merciful) and literally starve.

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Post by Preciosonic »

Happy Newest Month
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Post by EDDY OKOTH »

charity are staff ment for less valnerable in the society so they facilitate well being of those members through donations

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Post by Rebecca Henderson »

My charity would be to help people learn something in their life that they always wanted to, for free, with experts to teach them. A lot of these things would be everyday life skills, like cooking, how to take care of a garden, how to install/fix plumbing, etc. Independence would be the theme, but a community would be created by the people who come together to learn. Knowledge is priceless and it's not how much you pass on in terms of monetary value; it's the legacy you leave behind, the differences you make in another person's life. My charity would be called "The Helping Hand" because most skills require a hand.
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Post by David_92 »

I have a soft spot for rural based women in the global south . They are the hardest to reach and most marginalized. They are treated like trash .I would love to start a charity and help them.
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Post by Lincolnshirelass »

There are so many good causes, but I would support one which I know would not be universally popular - to support former offenders and give them a second chance in life - or even a third or fourth chance. I don't believe in throwing away the key. As the human rights lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith said, never judge anyone by their worst action.
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Post by Insightsintobooks729 »

I would create a charity to help all victims of abuse, whether it be adults or children. I would hope I would beable to give them a brighter future.
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Post by Paul78 »

I have always envisioned myself creating foundation to educate the poor, creating community libraries for those who may not have access to library services in our country.
I must admit that even though such efforts have been carried out on a greater way in the recent history, there is still room for more to be reached.
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Post by Mailis »

Children and animals for sure, they are the most helpless and dependent on the help of others.

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Post by mamalui »

I would make a home for children and destitute mothers. I would provide for their education. And encourage those that are artistic in nature to reach for their dreams. And remind them everyday that someone out there cares for them.
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Post by VictoriaMcMillen »

I would like to run a housing charity for the homeless. We could build tiny housing parks and also give grants to families to purchase housing. That is a dream, a good dream.
~Victoria M.L. McMillen

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Post by Cswrawr »

Oh interesting question and I'm surprised I've never thought about it before. My first instinct is to say something related to education. I volunteer at the local food bank so perhaps something about eating right... The largest percentage of donations are breads and cakes which aren't precisely health foods. Maybe some mix of educating how to grow/prepare fresh food with a donation side for people who don't have the space or ability to have a garden. That's a rather scattered idea which probably needs a lot more thought to iron out an actual mission statement.

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Post by jvez »

I'll create a charity for abused children, especially those who no longer have a place to call home. I think these kids deserve way better, and I also hope to help them be able to move forward in life and not give up just like that.

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