The ethical dilemmas in Superhighway

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Re: The ethical dilemmas in Superhighway

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I think just because someone has an ability it doesn't mean they have to use it. While I get Alex's desire to want to help others out, but as you stated, if everyone sees what they are doing as justified, it would bring chaos. People could end up hurt on so many different levels. And then there's the part of if someone has an ability and uses it for retribution. Trying to take out someone because they have done wrong could end up hurting a lot more than just the one person, many being innocent bystanders.
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True, especially since Alex's girlfriend, an innocent bystander, was killed. On the other hand, law enforcement often won't or can't do enough to address the type of organized crime groups that Alex took on. These groups inflict a lot of misery through drugs, sex trafficking, etc. No easy answers-thus my post title of the ethical dilemma.
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Alex's actions in the book may have others agreeing to it and it may have others disagreeing to it, however, it depends on one's opinion or one's view as to what is acceptable or not acceptable to them. Basically, it depends on one's morals.

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There was a point you made that seemed really interesting to me. You asked when does it cross over and we start 'playing God' if we decide to take matters into our own hands and dole out our brand of justice as we deem fit yet made an earlier point about it being technically okay for a governmental body to do so, which is true.

I've always seen where a governing body promises change or to help better the lives of their people by giving this solution or getting around to it whenever the issues that take precedence are dealt with. In the meantime, those who they are unable to help end up suffering longer because they aren't a priority, it's not life-threatening or some other excuse. We all have one life to live (assuming resurrection isn't a thing) and a great portion of us will spend that life being subject to a host of problems that could have been avoided or mitigated if not for some other factor. Alex, though not my favourite character and whose methods and reasoning left a lot to be desired, actually made a positive change to a few people's life, however infinitesimal that number may have been.

I don't believing that obeying legal methods will always be beneficial to a people but adhering a moral code and carrying out your actions i that fashion is something I stand by.

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