Do you prefer reading or watching Sci-Fi?

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Re: Do you prefer reading or watching Sci-Fi?

Post by collinskemboi »

for me i think watching will be better than reading some times.but its up to readers

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Post by Londera »

Personally, I prefer to watch Sci-Fi than to read it

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Mubashir khan
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Post by Mubashir khan »

i prefer watching because it is easier method then reading.Also it is easy to remember watch things instead of readed.

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Post by PRAXIDES »

I like them both but I'll enjoy watching sci-fi over reading. Because their are some technical terms that I wouldn't understand unless I consult my dictionary. Watching makes it easier for me to O visually follow what is happening.
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Post by jaliper »

It really depends. Since sci-fi is really diverse, there are times that I just want to watch it because I just cannot understand the terms, like wth, right? Anyway, there are also times that I wanted to read it because I can understand better than just watching it. Sometimes, if it's too much action, instead of keeping the drowsiness at bay, it just confused me af. So, it really depends.

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Post by Kyle789 »

I like both, each have strengths. A movie gives me more of a visual while a book would give me detail. Sometimes the movies are even changed slightly from the book.
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Shamim Bilha
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Post by Shamim Bilha »

I think i prefer watching. It seems more interesting and vivid.

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Post by Pm7lucas »

For the sci-fi genre, I definitely prefer to watch as opposed to read. All the technical jargon in some sci-fi books weighs things down for me.

Paula :D
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Post by raizenagallo »

I like both watching and reading. I find it easier to immerse yourself in the story and experience it in a personal way when reading scifi stories since you get to use your own unlimited imagination. However, experiencing it in 3D movies is also a different story since you will be in awe of what the creatures or the spaceships or the fight scenes look like in the movies.
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Ama Idim
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Post by Ama Idim »

I like both...but I'll choose watching over reading
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Post by Onyinyechukwu »

It depends on how I feel, but I think I would choose reading over watching. Reading has the ability to create a seperate world for you... with specifications that suit you just perfectly. It takes you places where only your imagination can tread and survive, with the advantage of still being in your control, and subject to self suited modifications.
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Post by k2rugman »

I am very selective about my sci-fi entertainment. I don't really read it too much but I do enjoy watching it.

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Post by Yemoteley »

I would rather watch than read. I get a better understanding and visually see the uniqueness of the characters when watched.
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Post by FireFairy »

I really like both. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. For example, with watching I get a clear picture, but maybe it's not the picture I wanted. With reading I can put my own spin on what the author writes, but is it really what the author wanted me to picture when they wrote this or that?

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Post by MoseyProse »

It really depends. If it's a short novel or short story, like something by Ray Bradbury, then I'm happy to read it. If it's a long winded saga, I may prefer to watch it.
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