Do you prefer reading or watching Sci-Fi?

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Re: Do you prefer reading or watching Sci-Fi?

Post by jvez »

I'm not really a major fan of sci-fi. But I think I'd prefer watching it in film due to the effects and animation. I do have a few sci films that I enjoyed. I've tried reading sci-fi books before but they just don't captivate me that much.

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Post by charmaineperit »

Watching sci-fi would be more convenient because of the portaryal it could offer that would be difficult to describe in a book. But in terms of context, reading would be better in giving details and explanation

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Post by KRay93 »

The genre is of my preference in both instances. However, I must admit that reading a sci-fi book, if well written, stimulates our imagination to a higher degree by presenting us with worlds, creatures, and situations that would never appear or happen in the real world.

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Post by Helpme71 »

I think I would have to say that I prefer to read it. Yes, sometimes it can be difficult to picture all of the various components of a ship, for example, but I am the kind of person that has a very vivid imagination, so I can at least get a semi-accurate picture in my mind when imagining a ship, or an alien, or some new technology.
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Post by Jgideon »

I prefer reading the book. One in a while, I do watch sci-fi movies and find them really interesting.

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Post by holsam_87 »

MarisaRose wrote:
02 Jun 2017, 10:09
Sci-fi is such a vast genre. It can include so many new types of aliens, species, technology etc. Do you ever find it's just easier to watch (especially with modern day visual effects) because sometimes it's difficult to understand when reading?
I actually enjoy doing both. My only proviso is that the book or show/movie be well written.
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Post by Storm+ »

In terms of simply enjoying the story, I often enjoy sci-fi as a visual medium, with special effects. However, in terms of understanding the context of the events within a story, I prefer to read sci-fi.

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Eryn Bradshaw
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Post by Eryn Bradshaw »

I've really enjoyed watching sci-fi, but I haven't quite found the right book that I've actually enjoyed. I've been recommended a few that I disliked. I really didn't enjoy Superhighway either. Hoping the right book comes my way soon!
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Post by MitchL »

well watching is more for me I can see it all not think or see it in my mind.
Iknow reading is better just for that it gets your mind, your imagination pulsing, you want to turn the page instead of the channel
Plus it will prevent you from grabbing that cig, or fattening food item, Your to busy too involved in the reading you cant put it down.

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Post by mac83 »

I like to read and watch sci-fi. If a book is written well, it's as easy to get into a sci-fi book as it is to get into a movie. The movie though, you can get into it by seeing the graphics and how everything plays out.
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Post by SpencerVo »

I often prefer reading to watching, but I prefer watching Sci-fi movies. Most stories in this genre are very fast-paced and emphasize the settings and the plots rather than the characters' inner lives, so movie is definitely an easier means to communicate those.
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Post by labibliofile »

If the writing is engaging enough and easy to understand without overcomplicating things, then definitely reading as watching a movie limits your imagination to a specific way the scene could be, otherwise while reading different people perceive and imagine the scenes differently as per their own experiences.
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Post by frowngoclownfish »

At first, it was easier for me to just watch sci-fi. I don't think it was ever because it was hard for me to understand what I was reading. It was more of an I-really-don't-like-reading type of thing. I read mostly science fiction now. I guess I just really like doing both?
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Renu G
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Post by Renu G »

I enjoy watching more than reading Sci-Fi but recently some really good books have been published so I might begin to enjoy reading more than watching Sci-Fi.

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Post by Popcorn1 »

If the movie is great in quality of visuals and talented actors, I'll watch it. I'll read a sci-fi book if the author is good that it has the ability to pull me in. Over all it depends on how good the movie or the book is.

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