What is your gift?

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Maria joraimah
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Re: What is your gift?

Post by Maria joraimah »

My gift is my family. They are my treasure. A gift from above that no one and nothing can ever replace.
" HAPPINESS is finding PEACE within yourself! " :D

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Post by lesiew »

my hubby s a gift.he always support me and makes me happy always

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Post by raikyuu »

My gift is this life that I carry with me right now. I may lose everything, but this life that I have since my birth will carry on until I die. It would be the most selfish act to throw away this life of mine.

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Post by Ljessup »

I would have to say my gift is the connection I can have with children. As a teacher, it is hard to connect with some children, but I always seem to find a way to build that trust with even the children labeled as hard or impossible and am able to really connect with them and get them in a comfortable place for them to learn and flourish. My father is also a teacher, my mother was a coach, my aunts and uncles are coaches or teachers as well so I believe it just runs in my family!
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Malfoyy Slitherin
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Post by Malfoyy Slitherin »

I usually see things before they happen.. This has always been my gift. I tend to see these events in flashes. Then it comes true in real life. DEJAVU
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Post by jeminah28 »

My gifts are in arts, crafts, designs and in writing. Even if I tried to avoid it but it will just come, so I jump in.
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Post by Pm7lucas »

I was blessed with the gift of creativity! I sew, quilt, paint, make books, and just about any craft you can think of. I also design and plant a cutting garden every year. And I love to cook and bake!

Despite all of those creative juices, I have to admit that reading is my favorite activity!

Paula :D
"I think therefore I am" - Rene Descartes
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Post by ButterscotchCherrie »

I see there's quite a range of replies to this topic :)

So of course I have to say that my greatest gift in this life is my children. When really think about the process of conception ... how unfathomable it really is that one particular sperm meets one particular egg, and everything that happens from there ... it's just amazing! My children never cease to amaze me with their fresh perspectives.

Otherwise, I've always had a gift for learning languages (not given to many) and for being analytical.

Brenda Kiptim
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Post by Brenda Kiptim »

My gift is empathy and intuition that has saved me and those around me a lot.
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Post by El-kanah »

The gift of creativity.
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Post by Amcdanel86 »

my gift is getting people to open up and listen to them as the talk

May-an Tinangag
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Post by May-an Tinangag »

The greatest gift I have is my family because they are the one who give me inspiration in my everyday living. They are the reason why I can still stand in terms of my difficulties.

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Gulal fatima
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Post by Gulal fatima »

Everyone has a gift and mine is my creativity

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faith wanyonyi
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Post by faith wanyonyi »

my gift s a good job and caring parents

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Vickie Noel
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Post by Vickie Noel »

My gifts are so much, can't pick one out! Lol. I guess I'd say my mother is foremost, she has this knack for making me feel adequate whenever I'm afraid that I don't amount to much and somehow, I've blossomed because of that. Then others are my very active imagination and creativity, not to mention humor. Let me stop here. :lol: :D
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