Which super ability do you possess?

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Re: Which super ability do you possess?

Post by Emmaky »

Wow. We truly have super gifts! We should always remember our value even when we feel low.
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Post by Afuglsan »

I have a super ability to injure myself. Seriously, I am a klutz. It's amazing what I manage to trip over, bump into, or cut myself on. This counts as a super power, right?
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Post by DarleneCabrera »

My super ability would be my selflessness. I have a very strict facial expressions though, so most of the time i intimidate people.?
Life has a way of testing a person's will, either by nothing happen at all, or by everything happen at once.

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Post by Nahashonmurray »

everybody in this world has super abilities. mine i think its hope i am a sign of hope and sometimes people think am hope itself

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eri mworia thuranira
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Post by eri mworia thuranira »

i like helping the less fortunate in the society by giving the love and caring which they have been denied and understanding their cry before judging them..

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Post by Sarah Tariq »

I think I have good management abilities and can perform administrative tasks quite well.
Make your ideals high enough to inspire you and low enough to encourage you.


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Post by classicaltwist »

I've found that I'm pretty good at picking up languages! I aspire to become a hyperpolyglot.
"The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind." -- William Blake
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Post by akeseh »

I am a teacher and I teach mathematics at basic school. I am able to teach well so pupils understand so easily.
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Post by Marylynn »

I possess a very strong imagination which as i come to think of it; i think is my super ability. In this is get to see the positive side of each and every person. Let us just say that am compassionate. :wink2:
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Post by ChristyF »

My super ability is being able to see the "big picture." I can look at a situation and see all of the ways it could go. I then pick the route that is best for me. This ability has helped throughout my life. Sometimes, however, I feel I chose the wrong route. In the end it probably just means that route had a lesson I needed to learn.
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Post by Debbyemi »

Book Savant wrote:I am very perceptive about people's moods at different times-- this makes it easier for them to be around me even if they are upset or sad or grieving and I instinctively know how to behave around them!!
I can relate with this. I will say I sometimes don't consciously react to people, I kind of auto tune to their very mood and flow along with them. I am also a very good listener and I cope with every different kind of people and situations.

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Post by geoffrey ngoima »

Iam a great reader and a wonderful writer
To posit that the war brings us closer to faith is a sleight of hand that makes fools of us all. "There Are Only Atheists in Fox Holes"~ Michael Carson
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Post by Anjum »

I think my super ability would be learning. If I am interested in something then I learn it really quickly.
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Post by Lincolnshirelass »

I would certainly not call it a super ability, but if you give me a subject I can write a poem about it - I'm definitely not saying a good one! I also think I am unusually non-judgmental, if I hear about someone who has committed a crime I immediately go into 'why' mode rather than condemning them.
An Eye for an Eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

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Post by David_92 »

Am very empathetic. I think that is my super ability. Am able to connect what someone is going through very easily and at first instance . I always relate human behaviors with the surroundings .
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