Favorite Fantasy/Magical Realism Book/Series

For February 2018 we will be reading Fantasy/Magical Realism books
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Favorite Fantasy/Magical Realism Book/Series

Post by hsimone »

As a fantasy lover, I tend to read this genre the most. I also tend to re-read this genre more than others, so I thought it would be fun if we shared our most beloved fantasy/magical realism books and/or series.

My favorite magical realism series would definitely be Harry Potter. This is the series that opened my eyes to how much fun reading can be. It also helped me with my low reading and writing skills, and my comprehension as a child.

Thinking about fantasy, I would say the A Song of Ice and Fire series is my favorite series, too. It's just an overall creative and well-developed story that I found myself re-reading this series.

What are some of your favorites in this genre?
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Post by kandscreeley »

I have such an eclectic taste in books, but this is one of the genres I like. I liked the Harry Potter books as well. I got started on them rather late in the series, but that meant there wasn't as much time in between me reading them. :) I do tend more toward the science fiction side than the fantasy side, though. So, I can't think of any other series that I like at the moment...
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Post by Mailis »

Well Harry Potter is such a classic that it will always be loved. I love it, my kid loves it, and when my younger kid starts reading, he will probably love it as well.
Fantasy books a true treasures and there are many masters that I bow down to. Tolkien (the ultimate of ultimates), Robert Jordan, Patrick Rothfuss, Raymond E. Feist, Robin Hobb, Sharon Shinn, J. V. Jones and many many more.
Now Urban Fantasy genre is something that I enjoy thoroughly as well, Jim Butcher and Ilona Andrews being one of the favorites that come to mind straight away.

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Post by ButterscotchCherrie »

Some of my all-time favourites, which I have re-read, are: A Wizard of Earthsea and The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula le Guin. I have other favourites by her but I think they might count as science fiction more! I have enjoyed the books of Piers Anthony - some are better written than others. I loved On a Pale Horse, which I read many times. I also loved a book called Rules of Ascension by David B. Coe. One of my favourite books of all time is The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Attwood. I love Rosemary Kirstein too.

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Post by StarsAtNight »

I think Percy Jackson and the Olympians were a good series read; I learned a ton about mythology. :D
(Some stuff was scary! Zeus is a yucky guy xD)
As first, I'd thought the story was a little to childish, that being said, it was designed for kids younger than me. But I grew to love it!

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Post by emmagracehapner »

Fantasy novels are definitely my favorite to me, and in my opinion is the most engaging genre. I am currently an art student and I feel that reading these types of books are very inspiring and often influence my paintings. Overall, my favorite fantasy series is Harry Potter. This is the first series I remember reading and my dad read them as well so it was something we were able to bond over. Another series that I absolutely love is Eragon by Christopher Paolini. The level of detail in the book is on par with Tolkein's writing and is even more amazing because Paolini was only 17 when he wrote the first book. I am also a fan of the Percy Jackson series. Although it is more geared towards a younger audience, I found the mythology and storyline very compelling.

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Post by Ebbingwhitelight »

The first series I read was Anita Blake by Laurell K Hamiltion. I was a late reader at 18 but this really got me interested. A have a ton of favorites now but another one that sticks out is Kim Harrison. Her world building is amazing.

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Post by jaylperry »

I really enjoyed The Pendragon Cycle by Lawhead. It takes a fresh look at the Arthurian legend and combines it with a little Atlantis and a Christian POV.
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Post by Samy Lax »

The Fantasy genre is one of my all-time favorites too. In addition to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, I also love re-reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. The plot is quite simplistic. You can even call this book a high fantasy memoir, if you wish. It’s meticulous, brilliantly compelling, beautiful, lyrical, and poetic. A must-read!
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Post by NL Hartje »

As an avid fantasy lover, I will add my love to the tally marks of each of the series mentioned above (and note how particularly impressed I am with Rothfuss...yet irritated with his delay with the third book).

Never mentioned but still my favorite year after year is the Kushiel series by Jaqueline Carey. I definitely think it fits solidly into fantasy but it's possibly underrated because of its heavy sexual themes. The plot largely underscores the differences and connections between physical pain and pleasure, and perhaps that's why I like it :wink2:
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Post by TaghethBryn »

I’d like to add a couple names to the list of reread favorites! Elizabeth Haydon, Kristen Britain, Sara Douglass, and LE Modessitt Jr. All have fantastic detail, amazing characters, and worlds to escape into that feel SO real (when you really need them too!) that it’s easy to forget to eat or sleep! And they each have a truly unique spin on magic which keeps them from becoming dull or cookie cutter!

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Post by elivia05 »

StarsAtNight wrote:
08 Feb 2018, 23:00
I think Percy Jackson and the Olympians were a good series read; I learned a ton about mythology. :D
(Some stuff was scary! Zeus is a yucky guy xD)
As first, I'd thought the story was a little to childish, that being said, it was designed for kids younger than me. But I grew to love it!
I almost forgot about this series! These books taught me so much about mythology, and they were so entertaining.

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