Emotional effects of abuse on children

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Re: Emotional effects of abuse on children

Post by Riszell »

Yes. I think the auhor gave an honest portrayal of the effects of abuse on children. The situations given are the symptoms and the usual responses of abused children.
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Post by prospero360 »

I think that abuse can affect people in a lot of ways especially physical abuse. I think this gave a good representation of how someone who is affected by abuse would act.
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Post by Esmitty4293 »

As a person studying neuropsychology, I found the writer's portrayal of the effects of abuse painfully accurate. There were a myriad of reactions shown in each of the children. Even simple Joey had the potentially to have greater cognitive abilities if his environment would have been better.
As someone else pointed out, the children, although obviously scarred, are highly functional. This is also very common with children as they tend to have more ability to recover from or cope with trauma. Natalie did well in school, work, and with art which is often seen when children have a bad home life. A good way to cope is to do well in things that they can control.
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Post by The BookWorm Nagham »

Everyone reacts differently when faced with abuse so when the author described different situations it didn't feel odd at all,in the contrary, I appreciated that she showed us different coping mechanisms.
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Post by Wesley Liu »

Yes, I agree that the author gives an honest portrayal of the emotional effects of abuse on children. Of course, I would not know completely because I have never experienced abuse or have met someone who has experienced abuse.
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Post by bobbiebryner »

I have seen the effects of abuse and trauma in children and have lived it myself. I can say that these are typical behaviors. Anxiety, nightmares, and bedwetting are typical for those that have a more sensitive temperament. Bullying and a "mean streak" are typical for those children who are trying to keep an emotional distance from others to protect themselves. There is usually one that becomes the defender or surrogate parent. In my case, that was me. Trauma and abuse have many other effects both outward and obvious or internal and hidden. It can be hard for someone who has experienced these things to read about them. Those that haven't experienced them may have trouble understanding or empathizing with these behaviors.
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Post by daniya__shah3 »

In my opinion, she has expressed this issue in the most realistic way possible through various characters. The use of different characters enables the readers to view the effects through different perspectives because not everybody handles a particular problem in a similar manner.
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Post by Chanti Stargirl »

Abuse affects children in so many different ways, I'm glad that reflected in the author's writing.
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Post by Shraddha_rc »

BDTheresa wrote: 02 Apr 2018, 02:50 Yes she did give an honest portrayal of the effects of abuse in children. Aldo all families are not the same, all situations are not the same so therefore all outcome can't be the same.
I will totally agree with you on this. Different people go through different experiences thus different outcomes are seen from the children. I think the author did well in writing it. Their strengths differ from each other in many ways. So it was expected and honest from the author's part.
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Post by ReyvrexQuestor Reyes »

There are long-lasting psychological effects on children. For instance, a little girl who always sees her mother being beaten by her father may detest the male figure as husband and may turn into a lesbian when grown up.
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Post by Nmesoma »

The book's description of the effects of abuse on little children is practical and real. It affects the mind of little children and their vision of life. It makes them vulnerable and overly exposed, making them grow with resentment rather than the love and joy a kid is known for.
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Post by simplymica26 »

Yes. I think the author gives an honest portrayal of the effects of an abuse children. Though there are many effects and depends if it is emotional or physical abuse. My brother was a victim of physical abuse and had overcome bed-wetting and nightmares.
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Post by JM Hill »

My boyfriend and I both come from emotionally, verbally and physically abusive homes. What I've learned from us as well as others who were abused is that there are four major ways of coping with abuse: internalizing the anger, hurt and resentment; acting like you're far better and worth more than you really believe; having your emotional growth stunted; and/or all of the above.

Each of these have their own ramifications, such as wetting the bed, having a mean steak, having chronic depression, etc.

In my opinion, the effects of the trauma were accurately portrayed.
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Post by RedLetter »

I feel like the effects of the trauma and abuse were portayed correctly. Having come from an abusive childhood myself, I can say that children will deal with abuse in their own way. Some may project their anger on to someone or something else, such as wetting the bed or being mean to your sibling. Some will internalize their feelings of hurt and anger. I used to retreat to a high tree where no one could reach me. It is actually when I started writing my own poetry.
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Yes, the author provided an insight into effects of child abuse. However,the list is not conclusive. Different person respond differently to abusive circumstances.
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