Was there any way Natalie could justify her feelings for a married man?

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Re: Was there any way Natalie could justify her feelings for a married man?


I wouldn't support Natalie's feelings for a married man as that would tantamount to endorsement of adulterous relationships.
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I think that even if she had those feelings she shouldn't have acted on them. She should have sought to understand them and then get rid of them.
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Whatever Natalie's reasons were, sleeping with a married man was unjustifiable.
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Some people view love as having more weight than other aspects of life. Perhaps it is seen as something more long lasting and necessary in a big picture kind of way. Love is sometimes viewed as the ultimate justification for any action. Age and other factors, such as the man already being married, sometimes fall to the back burner in situations where love is at hand, especially for young people. The fact that she grew into adulthood with this man may show that sometimes, the ends justify the means. Had it not worked out, it may be viewed differently (as a waste of time and effort and as though her actions are much more negative after all). But since it worked out for her, love wins and the actions taken to get there sort of fall to the wayside.
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There is no justification for Natalie’s unethical behavior. However, the human emotions are subject to the control of the person ─ most people are controlled by their emotions or feelings. The reason is simple: They lack self-control! This is an inner strength only God gives. It cannot either be bought with money or learned by experience.

Natalie’s like any other human beings has her own shortcomings. However, the right to choose to do what‘s right or wrong is one of the inalienable rights God, Our creator, gives freely.
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I think our hearts will guide our actions, and can overpower rational thinking. As a teen, I could see how she couldn't stop herself and think that it as the wrong path. As an adult, you can figure out when you're getting into a bad situation and have the will power to walk away from it.
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I understand where she's coming from but I don't think that is any excuse.
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Love can make you do some stupid things. It is important to try to control yourself though and think before you act.
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I don't think Natalie is to be blamed here. She was a child and he was a GROWN MAN that took advantage of her. Natalie was not "stealing" Rosemary's man, she was being manipulated by a predator. It was so disappointing to learn that they remained together in the future. It doesn't make sense, honestly, that Natalie - such a fierce and wonderful character - would not figure out that she is in a toxic relationship and get away from him. I was really hoping that Natalie, as an older and wiser narrator, would recognize that their relationship was wrong.
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I agree with what was said above. I think, at sixteen, she was too young and vulnerable to be totally aware of what was happening. Mr. Grover, however, was old enough to know better and should have put a stop to it. As she got older, though, she should have become more aware that it was wrong and found a way out.
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FilmStar wrote: 04 Apr 2018, 13:16 I could understand at 16 stealing Mrs. Glover's husband but I can't believe...

*spoiler alert*

that she was still with him when she became an adult and that everyone was okay with it.
Does it explicitly say she still with him or is it implied metaphorically. I remember it mentioned a lover-for eternity in a way where she could be looking for another, and she taught art at the time so I didn’t think she worked over there still...
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