Should the ending be different?

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Re: Should the ending be different?

Post by Edgeona »

Will keep this short and simple, I was concern about Natural, I am fine the way its ended.
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Post by prospero360 »

The ending is okay, I feel like it's a realistic ending. I have always loved movies and books that left me in suspense at the end.
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Post by SereneCharles »

Libs_Books wrote: 10 Apr 2018, 11:33 Thanks for raising this topic, R-g-R.
I would have preferred the ending without the Epilogue. There would then have been room for a sequel and yet still a real sense of ending - Natalie and her family would be safe - but there would still have been room for curiosity about what might happen to the character next. I find the Epilogue disappointing and also not particularly credible as I find it hard to believe that she wouldn't have grown out of her teenage infatuation with the rather creepy and morally dubious Bruce. Most importantly, I'm rather saddened by the fact that ending makes me feel I can't recommend this book to teenage readers.
I've not read this book, but with your comment, I can't wait to read it. I'd want to see how the epilogue affected the ending and why you wouldn't recommend it to teenagers because of how it ended.
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Post by palilogy »

Should no - the ending was written for the same reason as the story.
That doesn't mean it could or couldn't have been different, but I do respect the author's choice and the result in the ending. I would have been unhappy if all books ended just exactly as the reader saw fit.
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Post by elivia05 »

As I scroll through reading other opinions, I noticed that several people did not enjoy the epilogue. I hate to say that I agree, but I do believe that the book would have been better off without it. The epilogue added nothing to the book as a whole.
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Post by MsDree »

I liked the way the story ended. But not so much because it saddened me. I agree, in real life, some people probably decided, like Natalie's decided for her own, even though others might not agree to it. And I didn't agree with her decision. But well...
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Post by Shraddha_rc »

I had so many questions that needed answers but the ending was like a cliffhanger for them and I wasn't satisfied by that. I wish it had a different ending and had given answers to all of the queries I had in my mind.
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Post by Harview »

I feel that the ending of Ironbark Hll is quite approptiate and should not be different. The story began with the main character flashing back to her childhood and ends with her reflecting on the emotionaly hazardous journey that brings her to a matured peak in her life as an art teacher. It ends like a sigh after a long day. For me, there was no better ending to such a story.
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Post by Mr Justin »

I was happy with the ending.The writer presented to the audience a strong Natalie's character and left them in suspense.Indeed, the writer achieved his goal when the readers still want to continue reading the story she decides to end it.There are two reasons why the writer did that:(1) Was to create suspense;and (2) Maybe she was considering part two of the novel.

However, readers should avoid putting themselves in the writer's shoes.But they should instead just read the story.
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Eryn Bradshaw
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Post by Eryn Bradshaw »

I genuinely really liked the ending of the book. While more details would've been great, I felt like it closed the book quite nicely. I love that it explores an uncommon kind of relationship as well. It did leave me wondering how it eventually got there, but I didn't feel unsatisfied with it or the lack of details.
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Post by Prisallen »

I wanted Natalie to meet and fall in love with someone that she could marry and have children with. Continuing her affair with Mr. Glover kept that from happening, so I wasn't happy about that aspect of the ending. I did like that she was taking care of her mother, though.
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Post by Kansas City Teacher »

Part of the appeal of this book is its ordinariness. It made it more realistic and believable. :) This book had me thinking way after I finished it, about how vulnerable and impressionable our youth are.
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Post by LyorBoone »

I felt the epilogue failed to add anything of substance to the story. I would have ended the story with the resolution to conflict, leaving it wide open for interpretation. Though I would have had Libby lost as a physical consequence of the affair, breaking Alex’s patch-up job on the bridge where Davey died. Of course, Libby’s living presence offers Natalie the chance to make a life-altering choice. But her choice doesn’t matter in the end...
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Post by JGretz-7 »

I would certainly have preferred that the book ended without the epilogue. It didn't seem to fit. I am curious as to whether or not the sequel will explain how and why Natalie made the choices she made throughout her life or if it will explore different characters.
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Post by Sandy16 »

These reviews were truly honest which I appreciate. I haven’t read the book, but if I do I will not read the epilogue.
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