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Use this forum to discuss the April 2018 Book of the Month, "Ironbark Hill" by Jennie Linnane
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Re: Age recommendations

Post by Prisallen »

I think most 16 year old kids could handle it. There are probably a few who should probably wait until they are 20, though.
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Post by Kaylee123 »

I would say mature older teens and adults. I don't think a child or even a young teen would understand most of the book.
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Post by Kansas City Teacher »

This would be good for any high school / middle school student. There are some themes in there younger students would not appreciate. This would be good for a psychology/sociology class so they can see the far-reaching effects of abuse.
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Post by LinaMueller »

Young teenagers. Probably 14 and upwards.
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Post by Erandi Ekanayake »

I think this book is appropriate for teenagers, maybe 17 and above. However it depends on how they approach to the content, so on the other hand recommending an age limit would not be suitable, because there are some teenagers who can sort out good and bad well :eusa-think:
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Post by LyorBoone »

It is definitely not the best book for sensitive souls, but I don’t think anything in it is worse than the horrific tales of Holocaust i remember reading in middle school around age 13. It’s just arguably more frightening to think about a family terrorizing you with such brutality. I’d be the kid to read it and be Ezra thankful for the family I have, but traumatized by it.
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