What is so fascinating about circus life?

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Re: What is so fascinating about circus life?

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Aubrey Cana Laine wrote: 27 Jun 2018, 09:27 I've never gone to a circus before, but I think I would greatly enjoy the acts they perform there. I've watched circus acts though, and they sometimes look like illusions, mainly because I can't believe that they can even pull them off. It's really fascinating in a way.
You should definitely check it out sometime! It can be really cool
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Christina O Phillips wrote: 01 May 2018, 10:21 I myself am drawn to the circus because it is so different from my day to day life: the activities, the food, the culture, the types of people. I enjoy stories that have a circus or traveling show as the setting (The Night Circus, a season of American Horror Story). I do not go to the circus anymore, but I do go to county fairs still. I am not done with this book yet so I can't answer the other questions.
I feel exactly the same way! The fact that it is just such a different environment from the rest of the world is what attracts me the most. And I also think that each circus is even different from the last making each one special in its own way
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I think that circus life calls us away from the routine of our day-to-day existence, and holds the appeal of doing things that are superhuman.

The entire book is an "oxymoron" in a way. The day-to-day existence of the characters is made real, and they are not the superhumans we perceive them to be. To be able to do their jobs, they needed to escape, much like we sometimes want to. Thus, the drug dependencies...
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I'm currently reading Water For Elephants which also revolves around a traveling circus. The story exposes the parts of circus life that you don't see on the surface, as a customer. It seems each worker and performer has their own escapist reason for being a part of it and maybe they are in the business of mirage and allusion simply to grant other people (the customers) that gift of temporarily escaping the problems of daily life and feel free in a way that only they can grant you.
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Circus life is all about freedom of expression, of living and of thinking. It is a way to get away from a person's previous life and act like only a few can, superhuman. It is a way to get credit for being weird, while in normal society, a person would just be shunned.
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Ginnamassa19 wrote: 02 May 2018, 10:00 Many probably go to the circus for the same reason they visit a different country—because it seems exotic, different, and exciting. There's also an air of mysteriousness about the whole idea of the circus, since a lot of the acts seem almost like magic, and there's a lot of suspense to that. That's probably why you see so many stories and shows that are set in circuses, because they promise you something out of the ordinary.
I think that’s the best way of putting it I’ve seen. The people and their acts are different and I think many people crave that variety—that spice— but feel pressured by a narrow-minded society not to accept it. So going somewhere it’s socially acceptable to enjoy this variety(and without the hassle of getting a passport) is a treat.
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I think I have always been most interested in seeing these artists go beyond normal limits. They perform stunts that the average person does not, or cannot do. I stopped going to the circus because I started to feel bad about the animals involved. There are many circus shows now that do not use animals, but I haven't gone to those. The last big circus that I went to was most likely over a decade ago.
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I think the circus appeals to anyone, child or adult, who wants to embrace the ideas of magic and mystery, and to escape the humdrum daily routine of the "real world". I still enjoy it as an adult taking my own children. The only real issue for me is concerns about how the animals might be treated in their training. But for sheer escapism for young and old alike, the circus is great value. I haven't had a chance to read the entire book so unfortunately I can't answer your other questions right now.
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Being in a circus is like traveling to a destination or for leisure. You must enjoy every second of staying thier. Full of excitement and discoveries. You will be amazed for every things youve see
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It's like Halloween. It's a chance to feel like a kid again.
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I did not finish reading the book, but I think the circus is a way of escape, somewhat similar to watching a movie. You get lost in the moment and forget about everyday life for a while.

I think it seems like fun and adventure to a child, the trapeze artists look glamorous and exciting. The stunts look incredible. It's exotic and feels like being in another world where everything seems a little magical and it seems to make people happy to be there.
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Something really fascinating about circus life is risk they take performing various stunts one such art in this book is sword swallowing.

Answering to your question
I find circus life really adventurous and full of new experience
It has been years since I last visited any circus.
It is quite difficult for me say about circus life described in thos book as I am yet to read the whole book
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As a kid I was fascinated with circuses and how free they seemed. As an adult, they repulse me.
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The circus is certainly an interesting world. Where different people do little things individually that add up to something bigger and beautiful and it leaves you wondering how they did it. I would say Duke is satisfied with life in the circus.
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It gives inspiration on how the circus personnel do the impossible thing. It creates curiosity, but ignites excitement.
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