Are you convinced that sword swallowing is an art and not a trick?

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Re: Are you convinced that sword swallowing is an art and not a trick?

Post by joycechitwa »

I would have to actually witness it to tell for sure. Right now it just sounds unreal to me.
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Post by kelvinmwaniki17 »

I can't say that I have witnessed it myself except when I am watching tv but I would have to call it a trick because I can't imagine anybody swallowing a sword and risking their lives.
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Post by dbulkley »

I think it can be taught and learned personally, but I would never volunteer!
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Post by dhomespot »

I would call sword swallowing a dangerous art. I watch a documentary one time about a sword swallower. He had a very thick medical file from the many times he made a mistake. It takes skill, dedication, and virtually no gag reflex to be able to do this. I am sure that there are those out there that use "trick" swords, but in the documentary I watched, they had him in front of an x-ray machine as he swallowed a sword. It was fascinating to watch.
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Post by HarleenQuinzel »

To start off, sword swallowing is one of those things that just freaks me out! I have to turn my head if I see it happening. I think it’s not necessarily a “trick” but more of a performance. As mentioned, as long as it’s a real sword that is being used it should not be considered a trick. I don’t know if I would necessarily classify it is an “art” either. I would say performance is the description it would likely fall under in my opinion.
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Post by asere_maryanne »

I think sword swallowing is something that is learnt with time. I honestly don't see how tricks can come in in such an act unless maybe the swords are fake.
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Post by Bookcool123 »

Sword swallowing is an art. Training to master if not to perfect considering the minor and major accidents acquired is already an art itself. With all kinds of audiences watching you perform either in awe or in fear, there's already art in there. It is synonimous to displaying paintings or sculptures for the public to see. The opinions and or criticisms that happens before or after makes it an art.
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Post by samiam013 »

I see this as a two-part question as well. The first question is whether or not I believe from the reading of the book that sword swallowing is an art and not a trick. My response to this question is yes. Robinson does a compelling job of describing sword swallowing as an art which needs to be learned and treated with respect. He does illustrate how the swords pass through the esophagus and move the heart. Also, the fact that if you do not remove the swords quickly enough, you can cause permanent damage while performing. Now, as for the second question, which would be regarding my belief in the reality of sword swallowing in real life. I find it extremely difficult to believe that someone can truly swallow a real sword without causing permanent damage to themselves. So, I do think that in the case of real life there is a trick involved just as all magic incorporates tricks to appear real.
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Post by Cher432 »

I will take the middle ground and say that it is an art form that also involves a lot of tricks and illusion.
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Post by Njj101 »

grahase71 wrote: 03 May 2018, 15:18 I haven't as yet read this book and was a bit queasy to my stomach just thinking about it (as far as the sword swallowing part). From reading the reviews, I may change my mind---once I get past my minds-eye-view of swallowing a sword. Whether or not it's real, I probably couldn't say. I have seen it done in the circus and I'm not convinced that it is real.
I'm having the same problem I really want to give this book a try but every time I think about it I get queasy :?
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Post by Disneyland »

Yes, after reading the story I am convinced that sword swallowing is an art and not a trick. It is an art that is passed on from generation to generation. However I do like the idea once expressed in the book that at one point of achievements in life the sword swallower might have stopped swallowing swords and led a normal life. This is close to my idea of 'perfection' of things of life!
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Salome Yakubu
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Post by Salome Yakubu »

Its a trick,because i can't imagine a person swallowing a sword.
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Post by Bavithra M »

No , Iam not convinced that sword swallowing is an art it is a trick according to me.
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Post by Kishor Rao »

The book never talks about how Duke actually does it. I don't really know whether it is a trick or an art.
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Post by Radiant3 »

I don't think Duke was a fraud. It seemed more of an art than a trick, probably why there were so few people who actually did it.
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