Would Duke be as memorable without his tattoos?

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Re: Would Duke be as memorable without his tattoos?

Post by folkshot »

I definitely think his tattoos made him memorable. If you see him do his act once, then saw him again on the street you'd prob recognize him. With no tats, prob would not give him a second glance.
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Post by Roggyrus »

Tattoos could give an impression that a man is trendy or has some quirkiness in him. It also gives an impression of a freaky nature, just like earrings in males. Or also an endurance for pain, as it is made without anesthesia. And one more implication, if you love being inflicted with pain, then you are a sadist, perverted.
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Post by DorcasToo »

Yes. The tattoos give him the dangerous Duke vibe. It brings out his character
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Post by KFree_Reads »

I think it's a combination. As a reader who likes to see the characters that I read about in my mind's eye his tattoos would be an important aspect. However, the story behind a character, for me, usually intrigues me far more than physical appearances unless it is absolutely something noteworthy.
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I'm opined that tattoos don't make a person more famous. Yes, he will look unique . I think someone personality and charisma is what brings him fame.
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Tattoos are just like any other marks on the body with only exception that they are man made. I'm yet to know of a person who became a world icon because of having tattooed bodies.
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Post by EricaWilson »

I feel that his tattoos are what initially make him stand out, but his daring performances and personality are what really contribute to his image.
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Post by MollyEnter »

For me, I forgot he had tattoos until it was mentioned again. I don't think having the tattoos was necessary for the character of Duke, but it ended up being important in the storyline with our "Chico Kid."
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Post by crediblereading2 »

I believe his sword-swallowing personality and his tattoos compliment each other. There is a similar ruggedness about both of them.
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Post by jo89220n »

I do think his character would be a little different because the tattoos are made to be such an important aspect of his character. However, I don't think it would necessarily make him less memorable or worse if he didn't have them.
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Post by pricklypurple »

I don't think the tattoos made him a success, but they served a s a good marketing strategy. They are what initially catches the eye and makes someone give him their time. After that, it's up to his personality to sell it.
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Post by Abiba Alice »

Personally I think its his personality that made him a success and recognizable. The tattoos were intriguing but his personality was the real deal
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Post by Cotwani »

His sword swallowing was a strange enough crowd puller. I guess the tattoos were more sentimental to him and no doubt served to gain people's initial attention but he could have used any other tactic in the absence of tattoos and still been as successful.
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Post by Emie Cuevas »

While it it is true that the tattoos make him stand out, it is his personality that carries the day and makes him memorable.
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Post by SparklesonPages »

His tattoos are a part of his appeal but I felt that his charisma is what people were essentially drawn to when he was performing. It would not have made much of a difference.
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