I don't like the cover page picture

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Re: I don't like the cover page picture

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ValBookReviews wrote: 31 May 2018, 22:17 Sorry to hear that because I like the revised book cover and find that it matches well with the premise of the story, thus, "the sword swallower".
Your right!👍People who love circus will appreciate the cover. At first, I love the painting cover, and see it clearly the cover revision.
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trulyfreeclub wrote: 30 May 2018, 19:48 Is it just me or others feel the same way too?

To tell you honestly, my first impression with the picture as cover page for the book is not very alluring. I'm not trying to judge the character of the author nor the picture of the man in tattoos, but I find it disturbing to put it on cover page.

First, it scares a lot of people to see someone swallowing a sword, including me.
Second, I don't think this book is intended for kids of all ages.
Third, I would surely not try to read this book.
Lastly, inasmuch as I don't like circus and tattoos, I do hope people would read this book by Gary Robinson.

Thank you for taking time to read my post! Kudos to the author for such bold writing. :)

Oh my goodness I am so glad I am not the only one that feels this way. It's the blood. There is blood isn't there?! It's not just my imagination. And the whole sword going down the throat thing is just making me queasy to think about it. I suppose it will attract attention and that is the whole point of a book cover. It must be so difficult to get your book to stand out in the crowd these days.
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I feel the cover is a good reflection of Duke. However I do not find the cover particularly shocking. It is simply mildly interesting and I am not the only one who thinks this way.
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I liked he cover. It conveys the whole feeling of the boook.
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To be honest, if I was browsing in a book store, this cover would put me off from picking it up. Weirdly, it doesn't put me off so much when I see it digitally, but I think it's because in the store there are so many other books that I can visually see at the same time!
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Personally I never really found the cover picture to be off-putting. Or maybe it's just me.
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The sword swallowing man is a bit off-putting for me. I don't mind tattoos or the look of the man on the cover, but I definitely agree that the sword swallowing makes me uncomfortable.
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The cover picture did not particularly freak me out, to me it actually rhymed with the title. I did not see anything out of sync. Still, though I would not read the book because of the sword-swallowing allusion itself. I am not that drastic of a person, so I am sure I would not enjoy a book with that magnitude of daring (even if its not literally swallowing a sword).
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I personally feel like the sword-swallowing represents the essence of the book itself, so if someone finds that disturbing then I think it's fair they should not read the book. A lot of covers betray us, this one does not. I feel that a huge benefit of graphic content is that it at least gets the point across.
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i don't either. Could be a little less creepy.
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Considering the title and the general theme of the book, I think that the choice of the picture on the cover is quite wise. Whether or not it can potentially drive away readers is debatable, since someone who is not interested in a man with tattoos who swallows swords will hardly be interested in what this book has to offer.
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I like the book cover as it fits with the title. Moreover it gives the book a wild side which entices readers to go through the book. I do not know about others but for me, personally, It is curiosity I feel when I see the cover.
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The picture of a guy swallowing the sword at the cover page of this book did not impress me however, it did not prevent me from reading the book.
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I wasn't particularly freaked out by the cover picture. The picture is on topic and makes sense given the title and content of the book.
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When I saw the cover, I found it to be the perfect match for the title. Although it didn't encourage me to read the book, it speaks directly to a particular audience to whom this book appeals.
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