I don't like the cover page picture

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Re: I don't like the cover page picture

Post by taffylee81 »

I didn’t even realize that the guy on the cover was a sword swallower at first. At first glance I just saw this big tattooed bloke on the front and thought it was just a random picture on the cover that had no relation to the story, and that turned me off from reading it.
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Post by Sunnyroyish »

The picture at the front of the book is suitable for the title of the book. Though some of us don't like it but I think it is there for the sake of the story. I think it's a befitting picture for this particular story.
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Post by Jessica Reehl »

I don't find it scary but it doesn't appeal to me as a reader, either. The yoga sign in the background helps a bit. I'm not usually a fan of a picture as a cover. I prefer artwork.
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Post by Ruba Abu Ali »

I did not like the cover page of the book. Despite being suitable for the title of the book, I would've preferred to have it less graphic and more symbolic.
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Post by kwame1977 »

It's unfortunate you do not like the cover picture as well as the fact that it is not suitable for all ages. Sometimes we need to consider what the book has to offer. Anyway we have our own individual differences I I cannot judge you either.
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Post by MishM1 »

I like the cover. I did not find it disturbing but I can understand why one would. Sword swallowing can be difficult to witness, especially if you're an anxious person. Maybe it's meant to shock or maybe it's meant to lure. I found it intriguing. However, it's wise to mind the sensibilities of readers to maximise on appeal.
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Post by Oscar Osman »

The picture of a guy swallowing the sword at the cover page of this book did not impress me. However, it did not prevent me from reading the book.
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Post by Samuel Waragu »

The illustration on the cover page is disturbing to say the least. As a person who rarely judges a book by its cover however, I gathered courage to experience the pages, the characters, the scenes. The story perhaps deserves an equally disturbing cover page illustration. This is just my take.
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Post by Amy+++ »

For me, the cover art seems very busy. The man swallowing the sword in conjunction with the tattoos on his arm, seem to me to be a little bit too much. It just doesn't appeal to me.
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Post by jay_2 »

I agree! I was, not at all, interested in the book because of the cover page/and even the title. I could’ve easily skipped this book. I’m glad I went back and gave it a second chance. I wish it were more alluring.
Adediran Israel
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Post by Adediran Israel »

Though the page of the book is not as fascinating as expected, there is an adage that says "you do not judge a book through its cover.
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Post by jessinikkip »

I'll be very honest...When I first saw this book, the cover actually detracted from it enough that it made me not want to read it. I don't know why this is, I have no explanation for it other than I simply did not like it. I have always been one that first I see the cover and then the description to see if I'll enjoy a story. Perhaps this is why. But ultimately, I looked past the cover.
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Post by asere_maryanne »

I never judge a book by it's cover. So long as the message is delivered, that is all that matters to me.
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Post by samiam013 »

Okay, you most definitely have a great point with this post. When I first saw the cover of the book I was not drawn to reading the book in any way. I was actually quite put off from reading the book due to the cover even though I am an extremely open-minded individual. So, when this book was offered to me for review, it took me a good minute to figure out if I truly wanted to read the story. I have to say that I am pleased that I did not judge the book by its cover. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire story, especially reading about Duke and his sword swallowing.
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Post by Cher432 »

On the contrary, I liked the cover as it made me more curious to read the book. I guess it was not meant for everyone but I found it beautiful.
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