What if Duke never accepted the methamphetamine the circus pushed?

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Re: What if Duke never accepted the methamphetamine the circus pushed?

Post by Kishor Rao »

Even if Duke had not accepted methamphetamine offered by the circus company, we know that he was an alcoholic. So I don't think life would have been any different for him.
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Post by Radiant3 »

I think his life would have turned out completely differently. Perhaps he might have chosen a different path in life, if he was unable to cope with the circus life.
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Post by Shrabastee »

I believe, the meth given out by the circus authorities were supposed to help them cope with the back-breaking schedule. I am not trying to justify the abuse, but instead trying to point out the reason why it was required in the first place. So if Duke refrained from taking meth, as he certainly could have chosen to do, would he still be able to cope with the demands a circus sideshow's life invariably possesses?
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Post by Tobiasblackwell »

I think that if I were in his shoes, I wouldn't have taken it. I get that there was an immense pressure on him to fit in. Yet, it's no excuse to ruin one's body.
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Post by Ak1412 »

This is really interesting. It definetely would have lead to a different sequence of events, but where exactly would the changes have started?
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Post by Hiruni Bhagya 81 »

Though his drug addiction is not for the best, without accepting the drugs, he'd have been in an early grave. With the hours they work, and the lack of sleep, he'd have drove off road killing himself as well as a few around him. So, I don't think not accepting was an option.
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Post by supernatural143 »

Duke was too young and daring at that time, so he tried to fit in and showed his circus friends that he could catch up with the circus pace. He used the substance to stay awake from the long drive and to take the risk in circus shows despite the lack of sleep and fatigue. I wonder if his life would have been better or worse without using that substance. Nobody knows...
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Post by Scrawling Pen »

I think Duke's life would have been different without the methamphetamine. I do not know if he would have been able to continue his work in the circus without it. Any addictive drug has consequences on a person, and Duke is no exception.
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Post by Yj_Besoy »

Duke's life would've turned out differently if he didn't accept that bag of methamphetamine. He could have found other ways to keep him going on the road to complete his duty, or he wouldn't have made it in the long arduous journey on the road.
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