If a man wanted to marry and have a family, he had to leave alcohol

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If a man wanted to marry and have a family, he had to leave alcohol

Post by joycechitwa »

Do you think Duke said this only out of personal remorse, blaming alcohol for his lack of a family, or was he genuinely warning Gary of the dangers of alcohol?
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Post by kwame1977 »

Maybe he was warning Gary of the dangers of Alcohol. Raising a family does not necessarily keep one from Alcohol.
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Post by kelvinmwaniki17 »

I think what the statement is saying is that a man can't be a good parent and still be an alcoholic.
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Post by Sunnyroyish »

I think it's necessary to stop the consumption of alcohol to lead a healthy family. Alcohol deteriorates our's thinking quality and makes us addicted very easily. In this book, I think Duke Warned Gary about alcohol.
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Post by Samuel Waragu »

Alcohol shall be blamed for so many people's shortcomings even in those instances where it doesn't deserve blame. Duke is not sincere here.
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Post by Nickmwas »

May idea is, you can't deal with two at the same time to me manage your familly 1st.
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Post by jay_2 »

I think he was warning him as well as speaking from his own remorse. You cannot have a family while being an alcoholic. You choose one or the other. Can’t have both.
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Post by Adediran Israel »

I think he is trying to warn Gary of the danger of Alcohol
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Post by sonyeizugbe »

Honestly, the book; if a man wanted to marry and have a family, he had to leave alcohol, is just a warning of the dangers of alcoholism in a family's life which can not be joked with.
Also, is a warning that one cannot serve two masters at the same time because of its destructive tendencies and what someone has witnessed is better said than imagined. Is good lesson to learn.
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Kelebogile Mbangi
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Post by Kelebogile Mbangi »

I think it was a warning, and a good one at that. Alcoholism can destroy lives.
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Post by asere_maryanne »

I believe Duke was being real to Gary. He knew too well that families which involved alcoholic parent(s) always had great issues which had negative emotional effects, especially to the children.
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Post by ValBookReviews »

There is something to be said about personal experience. Therefore, I sincerely believe Duke was speaking about his personal remorse as well as a genuine warning for Gary. It appears that Duke genuinely cared about Gary and his well-being.
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Post by Vscholz »

Duke's statement is rather complex. I think he is sincerely warning Gary about the dangers of alcohol abuse (not just drinking, but drinking in excess) while reflecting on his own past. For recovering alcoholics, one drop is both too much and never enough, making it difficult, if not impossible, to have a healthy family life. I have been surrounded by alcoholics my entire life, and it was very hard. However, I have started my own family (through marriage--not really wanting to have any offspring) and I understand that a glass of wine with dinner or a cocktail while out with friends is not detrimental to my relationships although it could be devastating for others.
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Post by samiam013 »

Duke was genuinely warning Gary of the dangers of alcohol. Duke had lived a long life of alcoholism and, I believe, once he met Gary, he saw quite a bit of himself in the youngster's behaviour. My belief that Duke did want to help Gary in many ways was displayed with many of Duke's words and actions toward Gary once they meet. In a sense, Duke took Gary under his wing to offer some assistance in the area of drinking. Not so much in other areas though since he does share his Meth with Gary. But, overall, I am entirely convinced that Duke was honestly trying to help Gary to stop drinking.
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Post by Shilpa Paul »

Duke was warning Gary the dangers of alcoholism. It can wreak havoc with your health, destroy your family, your career and your hopes and dreams. Worst of all, it can directly result in your death, or cause you to be responsible for causing death or harm to others, including strangers, friends and your own children.
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