What steampunk/science fiction world(s) would you want/not want to live in?

For July 2018 we will be reading Steampunk/Science Fiction.
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What steampunk/science fiction world(s) would you want/not want to live in?

Post by Heidi M Simone »

I thought it would be fun to think of all the worlds readers are pulled into while reading steampunk and science fiction books. If you were able to be pulled into a world based on this genre, where would you want to go? What makes this world so appealing?

On the opposite note, what place would you absolutely never want to live in? What makes this world so unappealing? (Can anyone say The Hunger Games? :lol: )
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Post by Gravy »

This is not, strictly speaking, sci-fi, and is in no way steampunk, but I would love to live in Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling world.

It is a romance series, but is set in the future via an alternate timeline.
Some may consider it more fantasy (three races; humans, changelings (shape shifters, not due to virus), and a race of psychically gifted near-humans), but there is a great deal of emphasis on technology (med scanners, self-driving cars, com devices, etc...).

I love this world for so many reasons. I love the ongoing storyline (it's really difficult to sum up in a post like this), and the characters, the romances, the world...

So help me, I would love to live in this world (though being a plain human would suck :P ).
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