Do you think this book predicts the future?

Use this forum to discuss August 2018 book of the month "World, Incorporated" by Tom Gariffo.
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Re: Do you think this book predicts the future?

Post by modupereb »

I have not read the book and not a citizen of U.S. I believe prediction for the future even can be made from the present events. Negative prediction can be change to positive if the government and citizen will act on the prediction, whether possible or not.
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Post by Cash-Centered Creep »

Fuzaila wrote: 01 Aug 2018, 00:35 World, Incorporated depicts the country of United States, which is no longer ruling the world. The unrest and intolerance in present day America is a clear indication that the future is not as secure as the government wants us to believe. Do you think it is a possibility that the country of United States would lose its power in the near future? Do you think the world created by Tom Gariffo is a possibility? Why do you think so? Why not?
As bad as things presently are in the United States, I would remind you that we had a Civil War which was much more divisive and fractious than anything we are going through right now. America will endure. The republic has been through worse, and came through.
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Post by Nusrat_Shabnam_ »

I guess the book actually predicts the future. But the future may not be like this too. None of was know the future.
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Post by Angelina_Bazar »

I think that there was a lot of thinking put into the background of this book. The author dedicated 2 long chapters to explain how the new government was formed. I think that he hit some really good and believable points. I do think that this book could be predicting the future.
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Post by Essie_Reviews »

Yes, the United States will eventually fall from being a world power but that won't mean it'll be the end of the country. Where the States stands right now, there's no real margin for economic growth because the industries that already exist have been capped and the country isn't looking to be at the forefront of tomorrow's industries because it means prematurely relinquishing the power on the industries they currently dominate. We're at a point in our world where to move forward, we must let go of outdated technologies and industries. We're no longer compounding on pre-established industries. Developing countries will rise to join the "first world" and with that, will take the exist powers out of the reigns. We're already seeing that with China and India and they won't be the last countries to do so.

When the States does fall, it'll force the country to pivot into new industries that have yet to be established, or finesse its way into the industries that took their reign away from them, whatever those industries turn out to be. Either way though, a country doesn't have to be at the pinnacle of power to be afloat and we might just equate the new States to, say, a modern-day Germany; innovative and stable but not necessarily calling the shots. It'll be a bitter pill for Americans to swallow but as long as the American people are prioritized within their own country, it shouldn't really be a problem.
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