Technological advancements

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Dael Reader
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Re: Technological advancements

Post by Dael Reader »

I would love to have a Franklin in my car! But I doubt that it would ever be possible create a computer that would be so responsive and witty.
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Post by Bon0 »

Definitely agent Silver's watch which is different than nowadays watches.
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Post by Harley-Panda »

It's difficult to think of all of these things being only 40 years in the future, but I do believe some may be possible.
Already, through the internet, a lot of our data is stored and can be linked to us. Smartphones can be unlocked now using face recognition or iris scanning. Some streaming services online give personalised advertisements, using your name, if you're logged into the site. Amazon have opened some stores where you can log in upon entry and simply walk out with your items and it will charge your account. It seems like already some of it is beginning!

I think it would be difficult to create something like Franklin, though. The ability to fly the aircraft and map out plans etc. could be feasible, but for the AI to be so responsive and able to converse and keep on topic would be more difficult.
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Amelia Suratos
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Post by Amelia Suratos »

Everything is possible when it comes to technology. It is not really far fetched because most of the investment is focused on developing new technology.
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Post by amsula_2018 »

I think it is possible just take a look at agent Silver's watch.
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daydreaming reader
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Post by daydreaming reader »

I actually don't think that much of the tech in this book is unattainable, mostly because a past lecturer once said that most of present technologies aren't exactly new, companies were most often simply waiting for the opportunities to arise, i.e. when market research found that consumers would be receptive of the technology.
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Lucas Kalinic
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Post by Lucas Kalinic »

With technology everything is possible. Inventions are made everyday. I think decision making through computers is already happening in the contemporary society.
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Post by Amystl26 »

sanjus wrote: 01 Aug 2018, 12:54 Franklin is a imaginary character and it is very difficult to get such on board computer even in future because complexities will multiply as technology advances. It is only good if robots stay as slaves because if they are to become masters entire purpose of making them is defeated.
You're thinking is right along the lines of my thoughts: the idea of a robot mastermind is SCARY. Technology can be such a great thing and also a frightening thing. As the original poster stated, I don't know about this happening forty years down the line, but hey, they also thought taking pictures with phones was crazy in the 80s! So who knows?! I, for one, would kind of like Franklin to remain an imaginary character!
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Post by Juliar252 »

I think we are inching closer and closer to a future where computers are capable of thinking and acting out commands. We already have Siri, Alexa, and vacuum robots, so I think it is very possible that we will have even more advanced robots and computers in the near future.
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Post by LV2R »

The nano-reactive fiber armor that deflected bullets may be something that is possible in the future if not now. I am not sure about making airships like Sliver's would be possible, but cloaking and being able to maneuver easily would be a technological advancement for traveling.
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Post by liftedbooks »

With technology developing at such a fast rate, anything is possible. Man's mind is a beautiful thing: If you can think it, you can make it happen. I this technology is possible within the next 40 years.
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Post by ea_anthony »

LV2R wrote: 26 Sep 2018, 04:55 The nano-reactive fiber armor that deflected bullets may be something that is possible in the future if not now. I am not sure about making airships like Sliver's would be possible, but cloaking and being able to maneuver easily would be a technological advancement for traveling.
Ha, I bet Elon Musk of the present could come out with something if he concentrates on the making such an airship.
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Post by k2rugman »

It'll be interesting to see what technology is like in the next 40. I think we are starting to see those kinds of "intellectual" technological advancements like Alexa and smartphones that are capable of finding information from our voices.
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Post by desantismt_17 »

I can definitely see the watch in the near future. As for thinking AI, I think the tech is closer than we realize. Heck, it might already exist in some underground bunker somewhere, just waiting to make its international debut.
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Mercy Bolo
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Post by Mercy Bolo »

I think an onboard computer such as Franklin is possible in the next 40 years, although might not be mainstream and available to the masses. Prototypes bearing similar characteristics already exist, and at the rate of technological advancement, it's possible that we could interact with it in our lifetimes.
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