What might have happened if Kelly did not come into the picture?

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What might have happened if Kelly did not come into the picture?

Post by Sushan »

What might have happened if Kelly did not come into the picture? How might be the future of Agent Silver? How do you wish to continue the story in the absence of Kelly in Agent Silver's life? :roll:
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Post by Kibetious »

Every character is important in any work. There would be a difference in how the events would have rolled out although the character being removed will not mean that the story may not go on.
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Post by StarkidStarling »

That's an interesting question. I didn't think she added any value to the novel, but it probably would have turned out different if she was not a part of it. I'm sure Sliver would have had a mental breakdown over something else at a later point in time, but he may have done a lot more damage without her.
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Post by Bookcool123 »

Sliver's direction in the story may have changed if the girl is totally included. His ending of the story could be altered. The author may have other options if given a situation like this.
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Post by cvetelina_yovcheva87 »

I think that Kelly plays a really important role. In my opinion, she turns Silver into a sensible human being and shows him that he he should not be just a weapon in someone else's arms.
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Post by Nma26 »

Every character plays a very vital role and Kelly is one of them.Without Kelly, maybe Agent Silver would never have come to his senses.But her absence would not have ended the story.
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Post by Cardinalsparrow »

Without Kelly Silver would not have had any direction of his own , he would just be following orders
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Post by Ijeoma Kikelomo »

Kelly totally helped keep Sliver in a mental balance and I think that is very important. Her role wasn't loud but remove her from the picture and the story most probably would have had a different end.
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Post by CatlynnHighlights »

Kelly was the tipping point that changed Sliver from a robotic person who followed orders, to one that thought for himself.
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Post by Alicia09 »

I think Kelly helped challenge some of the views that Agent Sliver took for granted. For example, she asked him what he believed in and when he tried to explain that all he believed in was survival, this became a long conversation that became a turning point for Agent Sliver because from that point on, he began to mentally question other things like his boss's orders. Kelly also added a more human aspect to Slivers life because up until that point he was just doing his job mechanically. Taking care of Kelly required empathy from Slivers part.
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Post by Dusamae »

I think Agent Sliver was already starting to feel the effects of killing so many people. He tried to justify it by learning why World Inc. wanted his targets killed. I think when he found Kelly the sped up the process a little but losing her was more feeling than was prepared for.
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Post by thaservices1 »

I think her death was more pivotal than her presence in Sliver's life. He was already on a path of subversion since he had hidden the hackers and taught the ship to lie for him.
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Post by msk350 »

I think that she played basically the same role in his life that he played in Rex's life. He had already been breaking some rules but she made him question his entire life enough to actually decide to change it. She had very few lines in the book but they had a major impact on Sliver.
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Post by Samy Lax »

Had Kelly been fully a part of the book and the plot, we might have seen it take a different twist. I am sure the book would have ended differently as well. The possibilities are endless.
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Post by booklysis »

All characters maintain a particular importance. I think in absence of Kelly the story would have stopped. Maybe the story could be pulled further but it wouldn't be interesting.
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