What might have happened if Kelly did not come into the picture?

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Adodo Christian
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Re: What might have happened if Kelly did not come into the picture?

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Every character in any work plays a role that ends or changes the way the novel is going to end, he gave a driving vibe to those who have less power and besides silver in the other hand, made him ponder on the life as a killer.
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Kibetious wrote: 02 Aug 2018, 13:05 Every character is important in any work. There would be a difference in how the events would have rolled out although the character being removed will not mean that the story may not go on.
I totally agree. I do also feel that if Kelly was gone, then there would've needed to be another character as replacement rather than just move the story along without because I think that it wouldn't have much to it if there wasn't another character. If that makes sense lol
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Every character plays an important role in the book, and this way the book may have had a different ending.
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That is a very good question. Is her character that pivotal? I think she is so important that the progression of Silver would be hindered. At first, the reader thinks she is the first act of compassion he has shown, but she is confirmation that he has feelings. The Shredders were not a one time incident. He is not as emotionless as he thinks he is. Through Kelly, he finds companionship and someone to challenge him emotionally. She is the indicator that he is more than a killing machine.
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Kelly definitely had an impact on Sliver and his revelations, but I do feel that he would have had some sort of breakdown in the end with or without Kelly.
It is unlikely that it would have played out in the same way, though, and Kelly definitely added value to the story. I think without her, Sliver would have continued his role for longer than he did, but something else would have made him snap in the end.
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Even though Kelly wasn't a particularly interesting or dynamic character, her presence was still the reason that Sliver began to question his own actions, and is therefore important to the plot. She's also clueless about the way the "real world" operates and is thus a tool used to inform us about what's going on and how it got that way without having to explain it at the very beginning. As a result, I don't think this narrative would be complete without her.
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Kelly is one of the important character in the novel as she helped Silver in maintaining his mental balance. If she has not been a part of the picture then the novel would have had a different ending.
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Kelly was the only one to arouse in Sliver the warmth of humanity, who otherwise was only a robot carrying out his boss's orders. So, Kelly has a vital role to play in the story.
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If Kelly had not come into the picture I believe that Sliver would have continued completing missions for World, Inc. and not had a second thought about it.
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