Is this book good to be adopted in to a movie?

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Laura Del
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Re: Is this book good to be adopted in to a movie?

Post by Laura Del »

I think anything could be made into a movie these days... you just have to really want it to happen.
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Post by Samisah »

While i have not read beyond the sample, I believe any book especially with good storyline like this can become a great movie.
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Georgia Lyonhyde
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Post by Georgia Lyonhyde »

Abigail R wrote: 02 Aug 2018, 09:11 At this point, anything could be made into a good movie.
My thoughts exactly! It just takes a director with a great vision and a half-decent scriptwriter.
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Vitter Krane
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Post by Vitter Krane »

The book's plot is excellent and I'm convinced it would make a great movie. It predicts the future anf I guess people will enjoy it.
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Post by Zimall »

Every book can be adopted to screen and this book can be adopted as well. Adoption can add to the charm of a book if done properly.
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Post by evan1995muniz »

I love any kind of alien type world movies. I think if it has the right director and cast members that can play the part well it would be an outstanding movie.
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fredrick otieno
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Post by fredrick otieno »

To be sincere i haven't read the book but from the review, i think it would make a great movie. That is with good casting and editing.
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Post by Sirajuddin »

Definitely, this book has the potential to be adopted to make it a thriller on the screen. Since its futuristic aspects, of how big corporations settle their scores, by using agents like Silver are fantastic.
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fredrick otieno
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Post by fredrick otieno »

Foe the scenes that do not fit in a movie, i think they can be edited or rewritten. I really long to see this thriller in a screen.
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Post by KnightReader »

Yes, if future-dystopian genre movies does not leave the trend in a few years, I'd say it would be a more than palatable possibility. Perhaps it may need more support in popularity and a producer/director to decide to launch it, but all in all, the potential is there.
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Post by Huss1229 »

There is futuristic character but with few professional touch like Stephen Spielberg this can be a literature movie
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Post by Bronie »

Of course! I'd enjoy the movie.
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Post by acremer »

I think this would be a good movie adaptation. It would be a very interesting movie.
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Sunday diamond
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Post by Sunday diamond »

Good films predict the future, expcleciall future of technological advance. So I guess it should be adopted into a movie.
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Post by jdhall95 »

This book could definitely be adapted into a movie! :D

It's got enough action to bring people in, as well as enough twists to keep the audience engaged. There is even some moral ground covered to make for great conversation after the film is over. I have to admit, while reading this book I kept wishing I could watch it instead, which is rare because I tend to enjoy books more than movies. Nonetheless, the fight scenes would have been far more fun to watch, especially with Agent Sliver's technique and almost in destructible nature.
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