Do you see any resemblance to Jason Borne?

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Do you see any resemblance to Jason Borne?

Post by Sushan »

Agent Silver has undergone some traumatic transformation process which led him to his current status and he cannot recall his past. This part made my mind go to the famous movie series "Jason Borne". What about you? Do you see the resemblance as well?
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Post by RebeccasReading »

That's a great comparison! I think the "secret agent with a mysterious past" is becoming an increasingly common trope.
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Morgan Jones
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Post by Morgan Jones »

I think Jason Bourne's story was a little more complex, but the foundation of the 2 characters is pretty similar.
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Post by Nma26 »

Agent Silver'standard story is less complicated than Jason Borne, though they seem to follow the same line of thought.
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Post by dbulkley »

This is exactly what I was thinking! I was comparing the two almost right away!
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Post by jessinikkip »

I'm so glad to see that I wasn't the only one who felt this way. Jason seems a lot more involved and complex in the history and story built around him, but that does come from several movies while this is just one book, so I can see how they would be able to build him up more. This seems to be a pretty common character, from what I've found.
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Post by KristyKhem »

The author may have gotten the idea for Agent Sliver from Jason Bourne indeed! If I remember correctly, another popular character who went through a traumatic reformation and woke up without his memories was Wolverine from X men. Thinking about it, I've seen this trait in a few other movies and books so it could just be that authors tend to gravitate towards this character trait.
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Post by LaurenHaupt »

Yes! He's the person that I thought of when I read the review of the book.
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Post by Amy+++ »

It sounds like he did.
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Julie Green
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Post by Julie Green »

This technique is a good way to add layers to a character as they gradually learn more about themselves, like peeling back an onion...yes, I absolutely think there are similarities between the two characters.
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Post by JHuschle519 »

I see some similarity between the two. The each have parts of their past that they can't remember except for the occasional flashback. They were both trained to be assassins for a controlling power. The main difference I see between the two is that Jason Borne became an agent by choice, while Agent Sliver was tricked into it.
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Post by Sunnyroyish »

Yes there is a clear similarity between World Incorporated and Jason Borne. I think World Incorporated is a much simpler story than Jason Borne.
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Post by jay_2 »

Yes, for sure. He definitely came to my mind as soon as I started. Ha, great comparisons though. I agree fully.
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Post by Fuzaila »

That's a great comparison. I do see the similarities but the complexities of both characters seem different to me.
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Post by Kibetious »

It appears that the two characters have a lot in common. Although some slight differences will always exist.
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