Favorite and Least Favorite Parts

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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Parts

Post by Kibetious »

I think that indeed the least favorite part becomes the news articles section. Its length and the lack of breaks in between contribute to this.
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Post by Bianka Walter »

Cher432 wrote: 25 Aug 2018, 13:17 My least favorite parts were also the newspaper clips but what irked me even more than that was the convenient way everything seemed to fall in place for Agent Silver such as Rex suddenly discovering his free will and deciding not to kill him.
My favorite part was watching Agent Silver slowly change, it felt like peeling the layers of an onion. Just when you thought you were done, you realise there is more to be discovered.
Things definitely fell into place for Sliver. The best was flying over the middle of NOWHERE and crashlanding walking distance from a place where he happened to have friends. :shock:
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Post by Swat3737 »

I agree with the OP that the news articles took away from the pace of the novel, and made it difficult to get sucked in. However, I thought it was a creative way to share the history. I love your idea of one or two articles at the beginning of each chapter.
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Post by EvaDar »

I haven't finished the book but I am enjoying Silver's internal conflict. He struggles to let go of the callous, unfeeling ways of his former life, in favor of more humanitarian beliefs and gestures. It always feels hopeful to see that transformation. So far, I haven't found anything I don't like about the book. Great discussion.
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Post by Harley-Panda »

Least favourite part:

Like many others, I found the news articles a little boring in places. It was interesting to find out how the world had become the way it was, but I feel it could have used a better format. And maybe had some interviews or blogs from 'normal' citizens, to see what their thoughts were about the news events.

Favourite part:

I enjoyed Rex's storyline and I felt he was a likeable character. I liked the part where he realised what freedom was and showed that he was more than a controllable machine.
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Post by Zimall »

Chapter with news articles was worst thing about the book n the action in the book was most favourite of mine
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Post by LV2R »

I also did not enjoy reading so many news articles that Kelly had to read to get updated. I almost quit reading the book, but it did get better, and I realized that it was a way for the author to explain to the readers some background of the conditions that happened.

I think the best parts were towards the end, after all the news articles, as it got more exciting and action-filled. I liked the change that Sliver started experiencing. I also liked the parts about Rex.
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Post by Wa_hu »

My least favourite part was when Kelly died, it made me sad.
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Post by Italiansweety1982 »

I did not like the news articles, but I enjoyed the suspense parts
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Post by Premoh »

Behavior individuals have been subjected to can definitely change them. The Stanford Prison Experiment definitely proved that. Those assigned the role of prison guards became stern and abusive and those assigned the role of prisoners became fearful and stir crazy. So even those who consent to various experiments have no idea how their behavior may change.

I had passed on reading this book but based on your question and correlation to real world events I might give it a read.
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Post by acremer »

My favorite parts regarding the novel were the parts with Sliver's missions. I liked the action and not knowing what was going to happen. I disliked the parts with the news articles.
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