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Re: Sequel?

Post by Braunsucre »

Yes, definitely, there should be a sequel to tie up some loose ends.
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Post by Power Onyango »

I do not think much is left to be discussed about agent Silver. However, I remain optimistic and wait to see if a sequel of this book will be released.
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Post by BriennaiJ »

A sequel for this one would definitely be a good idea.
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Post by Sumbule1 »

Yes I think at the end their will be a sequel,I hope to have much of this story.
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Post by Swat3737 »

I would love to read a prequel of how Sliver met the Shredders, and the whole history of how the Supercorporations developed. For sequels, I think Rex and the Shredders would be hilarious. Or Sliver in Washington DC with the Union. Even Kelly and her parents' story would be a great book.
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Post by gfowle »

I think that a sequel is a definite possibility. I would be particularly interested in a sequel, because it would give the author the opportunity to explore Sliver's world in much more depth.
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Post by Kareka88 »

Bianka Walter wrote: 31 Aug 2018, 19:07 Because the book was written in 2012, I'm not sure a sequel is on the cards, but I hope so.
It was open for the perfect sequel. I hope Gariffo makes a plan...
Since he is a new author with just the one book, even though this was published in 2012, it is still likely he might be working on another. We don’t Know how long it took to create this “World”. A continuing story would be interesting.
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Post by AmySmiles »

Haven't read this yet, but it sounds like a good set up for a sequel.
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Post by Acab1606 »

I agree with you, it was left open for the possibility! I think there is also opportunity to improve upon the first book and dig deeper into the story, the backstory and agent Sliver's character which we ended up seeing a good amount of by the end of the book. I personally think that's what made the ending so intriguing.
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Post by Oulababe »

I'd surely want there to be a sequel that focuses a lot on Agent Sliver.
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Post by Bon0 »

It would be good. I don't like it when a book or a TV show ends with a cliffhanger and there are no more parts. The audience deserves it.
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Post by [Krista_Michelle86] »

jgraney8 wrote: 27 Aug 2018, 17:39 The twist at the end of the novel suggests that we might see more of Agent Sliver. Do you think there will be a sequel or even a series featuring Agent Sliver?
God willing, no
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Post by pathiyilprasanthi »

I wish to have a sequel for this book. But am also skeptical about it. Will the sequel kill the actual story. Sometimes when the author takes a sequel focusing on a single character it becomes too boring.
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Post by Harley-Panda »

I would love for there to be a sequel. I'm intrigued about what became of Agent Sliver when he was no longer an Agent, but I would also like to know more about the 'real world' (e.g. how the world is for those who aren't agents and are just normal workers for the supercorporations). I think it would interesting to see what normal people think about everything being run by supercorporations and if everyone is as content with this development as they made it seem.
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Post by stacie k »

jgraney8 wrote: 28 Aug 2018, 22:03
kdstrack wrote: 28 Aug 2018, 21:31 Yes, I definitely thing there will be a sequel. I think the ending opened the door to continue the saga of Sliver. I would really like to see more of this story.
That was my impression also. He seems ready to seek redemption.
It does seem like a story of redemption and how that works its way out would make for a satisfying story.
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