Overall rating and opinion of "Winning the War on Cancer" by Sylvie Beljanski

Use this forum to discuss the January 2019 Book of the month "Winning the War on Cancer" by Sylvie Beljanski
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Brianna Bailey
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Re: Overall rating and opinion of "Winning the War on Cancer" by Sylvie Beljanski

Post by Brianna Bailey »

I enjoy reading books that make a difference. I feel this was eloquently done as there is much reference to research. Great read and I will recommend this book to many others.
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Post by cristinaro »

I think the book is eye-opening not only to those suffering from cancer, but also to people in general who should become more aware of the mercantile interests of those involved in the pharmaceutical industry. I also appreciate the fact that the book is Sylvie Beljanski's tribute to her father, Mirko Beljanski, one of the first green molecular biologists who fought to find alternative means of treatment for cancer.
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Post by T_stone »

I've read this book and I don't think it deserves a rating lower than a 4 out of 4. It's helpful and very informative.
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Rob White
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Post by KSaxer »

I totally enjoyed it when I thought I wouldn't. I'm so excited for the potential of this information that I want to share it with everyone. If I was wealthy enough, I would make a huge endowment to their foundation. It gave me so much hope for the future of getting rid of cancer.
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Post by Olaoluwa_oso »

The book is very informative. I loved the fact that it didn't exclude any form of treatment. This book is a health book, and everyone should get to read it. It fully deserves 4 out of 4 stars.
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Post by a9436 »

Four out of four - it is necessary, gripping, well-researched and well-written.
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Susmita Biswas
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Post by Susmita Biswas »

Winning the War on Cancer by Sylvie Beljanski, this is a precious book. A lot of people would get help. Not only the book tells about the medical cure but also tells how we can have precautions. This is a really good book.
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Post by g2bk1 »

This book is definitely four stars. It is a look at how companies and governments manipulate information, hide truths, and gain consensus through limited access. As people die, others make money off their suffering and companies doing valued, inclusive research get ignored. The research and ongoing work Ms. Beljanski supports is presented in a readable and well laid out form. The story of suppression is compelling and recalls another health related epidemic story, “And the Band Played On.” Passing this book along to as many readers as possible might make cancer research both more viable and transparent.
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Post by ZipIsHere »

It's a perfect 4/4 The Author's evidenced approach and the well-investigated information makes it stand out.
I like the way the author puts her personal story into the book, giving it a special detail.
I'd recommend this to people who know someone or who are actually fighting cancer.
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Kister Bless
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Post by Kister Bless »

I like Winning the War on Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure by Sylvie Beljanski because the information given is well-researched and its evidence-based approach and for that I rate it 4 out of 4 stars.
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Post by Adelaide_96 »

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am a cancer survivor and so I was instantly drawn to the topic. I am genuinely surprised by the amount of natural remedies there are and holistic approaches to common ailments that are not even considered in treatment. The education is lacking and the willingness for the medical community to think outside the traditional methods baffles me.

Sylvie Beljanski is courageous and brave for writing about the research her family did and the persecution they suffered.
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Post by linham02660 »

I have not read it yet. From the sample and reviews, I have read sounds like it will be a good read. I will update after I get the chance to read it.
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NL Hartje
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Post by NL Hartje »

briellejee wrote: 01 Jan 2019, 20:13 I am in the field of research and I like reading scientific research papers as a past time (i know, weird right). And all i can say for this book is that it is well-researched and can truly help people. The footnotes in particular are something I like.
This is good information for me as I sit here reading the comments. Does the author give any nod to having used the scientific method specifically in his research tactics, or are we simply commenting on well-cited research noted within the book itself?
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Sandra K Pearson
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Post by Sandra K Pearson »

I think this book could give people some hope and can be very informative to others, which makes it good for anyone to read.
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Jorge Luis Borjes
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Post by ZhanQuan »

It was informative and interesting to learn the story of her father's research and how the government tried to shut it down, yet I found it less informative on how to actually decrease cancer risks. While she does focus on environmental toxins, there are a number of factors that work together to cause cancer and one on its own does not destine one to a life filled with cancer. To conclude, I view this book as nothing more than just someone’s story in battling cancer and I would not make life altering decisions based on the information in this book without further due diligence. Overall, this is a pleasant story, 3/4 rating.
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