Is this book convincing / attractive to sceptics?

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Re: Is this book convincing / attractive to sceptics?

Post by Fuzaila »

I'm glad you've an open minded approach to the possibilities of natural alternatives to cancer treatment. It still strikes me odd how these sceptics tend to dismiss natural medicines for extremities like chemotherapy, even when their effectiveness has been proven. Hopefully, the author's research and knowledge on the topic would lead them to think otherwise.
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This book is practical and I would recommend it to all cancer patients.
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Post by Cecilia_L »

I think there will always be skeptics who only accept conventional medicine. I also agree with your thoughts on preaching to the choir.
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Post by Bukari »

I am very sure the information given by the author are facts and not any misinformation. Orthodox medicine and the natural healing methods perhaps are both contrasted and compared for better management alternatives for cancer patients.
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Post by BeautySuzy »

Totally, specially to those who gulp pharmaceutical drugs blindly.
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Post by Mark Dice »

MsTri wrote: 01 Jan 2019, 12:07 I actually do not intend to read this because I'm a skeptic. While I'd be willing to look at natural means as a side dish, there's no way I'd use such treatments as the entrée, not with something as serious as cancer. Fortunately, I don't have cancer and therefore don't need either.
If you were to read the book, you would realize that Beljanski never recommends the alternative techniques as an "entree" but always in tandem with traditional chemo methods. I am a skeptic as well, but I do realize that I have no medical knowledge so I can be easily swayed on topics like this.
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Post by Cardinalsparrow »

The author did a very good job with the book, the writing style is quite simple, the book also has research backing but when it comes to convincing sceptics, I don't think it'll do much.
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Post by Samisah »

While it is true that Orthodox medicine has helped a great deal, it is not also a lie that there loads of instances where it is still lagging behind or without any substantial progress for that matter. Among them is cancer and HIV/AIDS. So if alternative medicine could provide solutions, then why not? I am down for it.
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Post by Rodrigo Niguez »

Though the book is realistic, i highly doubted the effectiveness of the procedures mentioned herein. plus no proper research was done in coming up with this novel.
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Post by SamSim »

I think you make a great point that most of the readers would be people who are somewhat suspicious of western medicine and pharmaceutical entities anyway. I hope I'm wrong and many people on both sides of the issue read this one. I found the sample completely compelling, but I'm someone who was sick for years only to be dismissed by doctor after doctor. Then, one day, a new doctor suggested I make a simple dietary change, which completely cured not only the initial problem I was trying to address but several other more minor ailments that had been bothering me. I guess you could say I'm primed by experience to be excited about this book.
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Post by esthersamone »

Definitely, I am a sceptic on this. However, I have chosen to read it fully. Unless one experiences it, he/she cannot be authoritative in it.
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Post by Beatus »

I been wondering about the same thing. In Tanzania when you speak about alternative healing people will think you practise witchraft. This belief is rooted so deeply you wouldn't believe. There is a long way to go to change this mindset.
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Post by amafie »

I hope this title does attract people in the medical community! In my community, I see a shift happening where Dr.'s who practice with a western philosophy are actually referring their patient's toward more homeopathic medicine. I believe, in part, this is due to the extremely high rate of opioid abuse within our community and countless others in our nation. Regardless of what the reasons may be, I am encouraged to see that this shift is happening. I think the title of this book is spot on with the solid research that it is backed by.
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Post by Rajanis »

As said in this book, the pain of toxic therapy may force the sceptics to think about it. Also, it is a well researched and without any side effects cure. The world is changing in a way with people turning vegan and so on to lead a healthier life, so why not try out this alternative?
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Post by Laura Bach »

I am inclined to believe that a non-chemotherapy treatment is something doctors should at least consider. If chemotherapy is so cruel, expensive, and uncertain method, then we must try something else. I think that the book might make a skeptic re-think.
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