What do you think about the Title?

Use this forum to discuss the January 2019 Book of the month "Winning the War on Cancer" by Sylvie Beljanski
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Re: What do you think about the Title?

Post by taks »

To start with I think the author used to word winning to get a potential reader's attention.The title of the book gives me a feeling of an ongoing struggle towards winning the fight against the disease.I get a feeling that we are a few steps from getting the cure.
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Post by lisalynn »

Winning the War, not to imply the war is over or finished. I took it as more of a turning tide. Medicine is having more success every day.
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Post by Mohammednabeel127 »

I guess the topic can be taken negetively or positively depending on the readers perspective,aaccording to me the title is appropriate and gives hope to people fighting cancer
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Post by paigegreenpurba »

I agree with many of the comments that this title seems to be a declaration of optimism rather than a statement of fact. At most I would think this to be a book on how the author believes we are going to win the war on cancer. I feel that the knowledge of the devastation caused by cancer is widespread enough that no one would misconstrue this to mean that cancer has been defeated.
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Post by Azrevread »

The first part of the title sounds encouraging to those persons experiencing many forms of a diagnosis of cancer. The second part of the title seems vague by using the term "natural cure", because the term can mean different things to several people.
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Post by Amina-Ibrahim »

The title attracts the attention and is positive. I have read some of the book. As a biology student, I have only read about chemo and radiotherapy. So, the book does give information. Although I don't know if they do work or not.
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Post by Nicole_Boyd »

The title made me want to read the book even more. There is so much hopelessness around cancer. I have also lost three loved ones to cancer, but the title did impart a sense of hope, in my opinion.
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Post by NicholsC97 »

The title made me cringe a little, my family is heavily affected by cancer every generation and there are so many different types that 'winning' just doesn't feel possible. Until all types are neutralized I wont count it as truly winning the war, Winning a battle, sure but not the war.
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Post by OMK_21 »

Personally, I think a person's viewpoint in the title of "Winning the War with Cancer" can go either way. On one hand, it could be offense to those who have lost loved ones to cancer. But on the other, what about those who have beat cancer and did "win" it so-to-speak? They likely feel as though they did "win" with the fight against cancer.

For me, personally as a reader, I don't think I'd read the book based on the title either. It just isn't a subject I am interested in.
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Post by ianmustazza »

To me personally, the title represents the positive attitude needed to deal with the disease in everyday life. I have lost a couple of family members to cancer, both to breast cancer, and it shook my family to its core. Although I don't believe that whatever it is will win the war on cancer, I do appreciate the fact that it tries to spin the topic in a positive light even though the subject matter will likely be negative.
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Post by cadelfavreau »

As someone who has also lost family members to cancer, I can certainly sympathize with the message of the title seeming a little misleading or unfortunate. What I can say is that most media related to cancer fights seem to take as positive a message as possible, it seems like there is some sort of psychology behind the idea of motivating people with positive reinforcement. That being said, maybe they could have been more conditional, rather than making it seem like it was a done deal!
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Post by Abacus »

Perhaps it could have been called "Winning the War on Cancer?" or "Are We Winning the War on Cancer? I do think every word is important and needs thinking about so that it says exactly what you want it to say. That is the pleasure for me in writing, to render very precise meaning. Such a heavy subject, and so many people with wonderful fighting spirits who do fight and win. And one day soon, it will be gone.
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Post by Mbrooks2518 »

To me, the title sounds hopeful and optimistic, but I can definitely see how it could be off putting to those who have lost someone to cancer or are in the final stages of cancer themselves.
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Post by cnh212 »

I think the title is fine. There's a lot of different ways someone could view the title. I have known people who have passed away due to cancer and I also know people who have became cancer free. I guess it would really depend on your attitude going into the treatment of your choosing. I have known people who have went into cancer treatments very discouraged and I have also known some that have went in with full hope. Also, maybe some have a spiritual sense that if they do not win the war, that if God calls them home, maybe that in their sense is still winning the war, due to they will no longer be in pain, etc. I would read the book. The title seems to give hope to someone with cancer, and sometimes that's all someone needs.
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Post by Swamp witch »

Re: What do you think about the Title

The subject matter cannot help but be emotive. I understand completely both sides of the debate having also lost a number of my most beloved to Cancer.

But I would humbly suggest that the working title be left as is, any kind of positivity is desperately needed when you are mid-battle.
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