Is Big Pharma a Conspiracy or Not?

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Re: Is Big Pharma a Conspiracy or Not?

Post by Juliana_Isabella »

Brendan Donaghy wrote: 28 Mar 2019, 14:39
Juliana_Isabella wrote: 26 Mar 2019, 11:15 I think that drug companies do have a great deal of control in the medical industry, but it's also true that many natural remedies are not approved for use because they have not gone through the same testing as lab-made drugs. I think the solution is to increase clinical trials and research with natural remedies.
I think the point Sylvie Beljanski makes in her book is that the clinical trials system is the way in which natural remedies are squeezed out. Producers of natural remedies tend not to have the money it takes to conduct these trials, unlike the big pharmaceutical corporations. Don't know if that constitutes a conspiracy as such, but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility.
That's a good point. Maybe the solution to the issue lies in finding more funding for research and clinical trials.
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Brandy C
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Post by Brandy C »

I absolutely believe there is a link between ”big pharma”, insurance companies, and the government. There is no way it cost that much to make and market a drug. ”Big pharma” is definitely in it to make money! I feel like once when first trying to find a cure, the companies honestly tried to find drugs to help. However, these same companies became rich and greedy. My father suffered from seizures and later died of a brain tumor. His seizure meds alone were over $1500 a month here in the states! My uncle who lives on the border of Texas and Mexico could get the same meds, in Mexico, for around $100 monthly. I understand making money to continue research and marketing. I do not agree with charging such exorbitant prices and getting rich. The government should place stricter regulations on these companies and stop taking kickbacks.
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Post by lisalynn »

Of course, it is. It's all about the money. For example, people take statin drugs now because of one small, flawed study, but the pharmacy companies used it to scare the public into buying their drugs. The same thing happens with many other medical conditions.
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Post by Mbrooks2518 »

There's definitely corporate greed at work but whether there's a bigger conspiracy involving the government... I don't know, but I doubt it.
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Brendan Donaghy
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Post by Brendan Donaghy »

Mbrooks2518 wrote: 04 May 2019, 11:24 There's definitely corporate greed at work but whether there's a bigger conspiracy involving the government... I don't know, but I doubt it.
Yes, I suppose it all comes down to how you define conspiracy. Big corporations definitely work to further their own interests and they're certainly not above setting out to exclude smaller rivals from the market. They would also employ political lobbyists to try and influence government policy. Perhaps that more a coming together of interests rather than a conspiracy, but it's a close call.
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Post by lucia_kizas »

Unfortunately, cancer is a huge business - especially the chemo. When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, nobody even asked if she was willing to go through chemo - they presented it as her only choice.
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Post by Essie_Reviews »

It's like this: there are three big industries where if you start up shop in a market that's lacking, even if it's a small market, you will become an instantaneous billionaire. Energy, food, and medicine. These are three things that we constantly need and build the pillars of a society that can now look towards investment. The thing is, both food and energy are industries that are advancing whilst medicine only seems to be doing the bare minimum because unlike the other two industries, we only need medicine when we're sick. We will always need energy and we will always need food, no matter our circumstance. Sad truth, but I don't think these stories are only smoke.
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Post by SavannaEGoth »

Well, considering how cures and treatments are bought up and over-priced and the manufacturers are more concerned about profits than helping anyone I'd say there's a lot there to be suspicious of. It's extremely upsetting to see how people are being mistreated by pharmacies and certain offices when trying to get important, sometimes life-saving, prescriptions for their ailments. It's not fair to someone to have to make what they have stretch or risk losing their own life because they can't afford medicine or because it would be too difficult and tedious for them to jump through application hoops in order to receive procedural treatment.

I've actually studied a few different areas of the pharmaceutical industry, and most of what I find turns my stomach. It's disgusting to see how things have gotten so out of control, and how many people are being hurt by those who are supposed to be helping.
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Post by Jajachris »

If or not Big Pharma is real or a bunch of conspiracy theories, I cannot really tell. I know that this is a very relatable thing in our society today. I am African and I can attest to the fact that a lot of traditionalists have patented cures for strange and stubborn illnesses but we have been whitewashed to believe that their knowledge and practices are ancient and unfounded. It is true that the pharmaceutical industries and the government, run the health sectors and do the most they can to suffocate the efforts of these people
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Post by jhunt »

I believe there are aspects to Big Pharma we will never know about-- I do believe there is space for conspiracies.
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Post by Barbara Larkin »

In every story there is a grain of truth. It might be more comfortable to dismiss conspiracy theories as unfounded and ridiculous, but we see proof of human selfishness everyday. There must be some truth to these rumours floating around.
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Post by car-mbz »

I believe the struggles she went through are real and the big pharma is true.
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Post by Yvonne Monique »

Big Pharma = big business obviously. However, I do believe that modern medicine has provided many useful treatments and should not be disregarded. But just like in most businesses, Big Pharma wants to sell its products and does not care about our individual opinions, feelings and doubts.
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