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For March 2019, we'll be reading Cozy Mystery/Crime books!
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Re: Cozy Mystery/Crime Book Discussion

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I know I am late to the party on this discussion, but hopefully it's okay to still post here.

I am an avid cozy mystery reader who loves promoting the genre and has lots of suggestions on series to read. Here are some of my favorites (I've tried to include ones that have five or more books in the series):

- Death on Demand series by Carolyn G Hart (Sleuth/MC Annie Laurance owns a bookstore on an island in South Carolina - lots of literary references)
- Coffeehouse Mysteries by Cloe Coyle (Sleuth/MC Clare Cosi owns and manages a coffeehouse in NYC - lots of insight into the coffee world)
- Book Collector mysteries by Victoria Abbott (Sleuth/MC is Jordan. She works for a book collector. Lots of great characters in this series, especially Jordan's uncles and her boss)
- Supper Club mysteries by J.B. Stanley aka Ellery Adams (Sleuths are the supper club members who are always trying new ways to lose weight. The characters are entertaining and "real") *Ellery Adams writes several series. All are exceptional imho.
- Spice Shop mysteries and Food Lover's Village mysteries by Leslie Budewitz

Series with Librarian Sleuths
- Library Lover's mysteries by Jenn McKinlay
- Lighthouse Library Mysteries by Eva Gates

Paranormal Cozies (this is cozy paranormal, not serious occult paranormal)
- Magical Bakery series by Bailey Cates (hedgewitch sleuth)
- Wishcraft Mysteries by Heather Blake (MC is a "wishcrafter" who can grant wishes, lives in the fictional Enchanted Village in Salem, Mass., where other magical people have unique-to-this-series magical abilities)
- Witchcraft mysteries (natural witch) and Haunted Home Renovations (Human Sleuth but ghosts appear in the stories) by Juliet Blackwell

More historical fiction and a little grittier than some cozies, but too good not to mention.
- Gaslight Mysteries by Victoria Thompson (Sleuth/MC Sarah Brandt is a midwife in turn of the century NYC. Sarah was born wealthy but is no longer "in society")

There are cozies written from the perspective of many kinds of sleuths and based in different geographical locations. I've found them to be an interesting way to learn about different crafts and local cultures. If anyone wants to talk cozies or wants suggestions on titles meeting your interests, feel free to message me. I've read over 400 of them and still have 100's on my TBR :)
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