Overall rating and opinion of "Misreading Judas" by Robert Wahler

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Re: Overall rating and opinion of "Misreading Judas" by Robert Wahler

Post by aftabyunis »

I would recommend people to read this book with fresh mind. In our society one of the biggest challenges are a lot of people by looking just at the titles of book deny to read any book. Might be because of not wasting time or any other reasons. Thus, this kind of limitation always lead readers to miss the most crucial part for finding out the actual cause of writing that particular work. Furthermore, as already mentioned readers always think they know what is writer's intention of writing that particular piece. However, sometimes the things are totally different. I would encourage readers to read such books like "misreading Judas" for finding out how people are plotting and making theories for narrowing down the understandings of the Bible and about Jesus by giving their opinions. This prepares the readers to think and get ready to answer those unbeliefs that has no link with the truth.
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Haven't read it, but based on the reviews, I'm going to read it.
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I have not really gotten the concept of this book, although am open to scriptural books, I feel the character "Judas" was explicitly explained.
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