What makes Zachariah Martin a likeable protagonist?

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Re: What makes Zachariah Martin a likeable protagonist?

Post by Kabui-nj »

Zachariah as a character shows maturity from a mare teenager to a confident man who is ready to fight for the rights of veterans.

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Post by ciecheesemeister »

I liked the fact that he was just a regular guy trying to live his life and really appreciated the fact that he remained faithful to his girlfriend rather than taking liberties with the other ladies who made themselves available to him. It showed real strength of character on his part.

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Post by iknwuzoh »

He really kept in touch with his girlfriend while overseas. Besides he is a favorite character with his motivation and friendship.

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Post by Fazzier »

What I liked about Martin is his ability to relate easily with other people. For instance, I liked the relationship between him and Eastman, and that kept me reading in anticipation for more.

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Post by jeminah28 »

He is a good fellow to his buddies, deck apes don't like to mingle with snipes, but as he started friendship with a snipe, they become good friends.
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Post by Agnes Masobeng »

There are so many things which make Martin a likeable character. He is brave, loyal and he's got a sense of humour. Being a Blue water navy sailor at the age of 17 is something else.
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Post by Neha++ »

Zach is a brave character. I liked his relationship with Tally. Everyone will like to relate themselves with Zach's qualities.

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Post by djr6090 »

La Cabra wrote:
14 Nov 2019, 04:58
From what I've read of the sample of the book, I found Zach instantly likable. He's introduced as a sort of clueless seventeen-year-old trying to do his best in the big complex adult world around him. There's still a teenager in every adult, not many people can say they feel at the top of things even years after their teenage, and I think that aspect of Zach reaches out to the reader early on.
That's a great description of Zach, "clueless seventeen-year-old." I agree.

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Post by Anthony__ »

The fact that his experience after the war affected him positively is what I like the most about him

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Post by LV2R »

I liked that Zach did not mind to do hard labor on the ship. I also really commend him on his faithfulness to Tally. He really loved her and was chaste during the war even with many opportunities to cheat.

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Post by Juliet+1 »

What I admired most about Zach was his fundamental honesty, and I think that was the source of his many other good qualities -- friendly, brave, hard-working, etc. He accepted himself for what he was, and he accepted the world for what it was.

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Post by BookPower9 »

It only shows that no one is young for Loving your country and serving it. That was Zachariah Martin. On the other hand, to relate it on the present life, young people should be studying, and maybe learning most valuable things that change the entire world for the Better if not for the best.

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Post by amandathebibliophile »

I haven't read this book, so I can't speak to how this specific character was likeable for me. However, I generally would say that likeable protagonists show characteristics such as bravery, friendship, integrity, humility, good humor, and a charming personality. There are definitely others, but I'd say that these are at the top of my list. :tiphat:

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Post by Nuel Ukah »

I like how he stood up for the Veterans. I never expected timid Zach would become such a roaring lion.

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Post by Prisallen »

cpru68 wrote:
12 Nov 2019, 16:26
Zach’s most admirable quality to me was he served no matter what got thrown at him. His job was heavy mentally and physically onboard, but he did everything as instructed. His faithfulness to his girlfriend back home was quite impressive too.
I also liked that he did whatever job was thrown at him without complaining and as good as he could. He didn't boast, and he always had his friends' backs.

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