Zack and Tally

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Re: Zack and Tally

Post by Akpome1 »

Their relationship is that of true love. They both love each other. Were it not so, Zack's heart would have been stolen by the bar girls.

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Post by Nkoo »

Zach and Tally are lucky to have each other. I love that Zach was able to exercise self-restraint and remain faithful to her. Opposites do well to attract. I think that partners are meant to complement each other.

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Post by LyorBoone »

I think Zack and Tally were great characters and they were sweet together, but their scenes together weren't always written well. Goodbyes were always the same whether they were said in back-to-back letters for the reader to view or goodbyes said in person at a physical location like an airport. Whenever it came to their feeling for one another, the feelings of one character largely mirrored such of the other. To the point that the characters occasionally seemed to be the one and the same. This got better towards the end when got to spend more time with Tally, but both characters were able to shine more on their own while they still longed for each other, as long as new information continued to be given. Continuing to hear about a love larger than the love for life itself made the words lose meaning every new time they were said. If you want to repeat a sentiment as a theme, follow the writer's rule of 3, and you don't want to use all 3 up with a series of letters, for less is often more. For example: "Love Zack" being the conclusion is short and to the point and doesn't water down the words of "Love you more than live itself." Sometimes the curse of a book is the freedom to include every little detail, but the more focused narrative finds more readers.
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Post by La Cabra »

My favourite kind of ships are the cliche opposites attract kind. I think the author did very well to make Zach and Tally such a pair. Brought them together very well too.

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Post by hmorgan90 »

I feel like the relationship they had was unique. Not many soldiers would be so willing to talk about what they saw and did. It made what they were going through after the war so much easier compared to others. Tally was able to understand Zach. Witnessing such fidelity was a nice thing to see. I feel like you don't see that very often.
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I loved that the writer fused in such an element into this story. I felt emotional, while reading that part of book because its that bit about which at times goes unnoticed, hence revealing the fantasies and thoughts such individuals hold to, when sailing through with their responsibilities.

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Post by Saraion »

Both were good and sweet characters. They were complementary and harmonious. I enjoyed the relationship between them.

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