Favourite Mutant power

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Re: Favourite Mutant power

Post by leximutia »

For me, I like Rye's teleportation the most! Just thinking about how useful it is, being anywhere you want instantly, escaping from any situation easily. No commute, no running late. Personally, if I were to have any of the powers mentioned in the book, teleportation would be the most useful to me!
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Post by Rasiga_shri »

My favorite is Carly's power - ability to heal and Rye's power- teleportation. We can go wherever we want at anytime. It's very cool. 8) And also I like Adam's power to control wind. It's amazing.
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Post by FaithMO19 »

I like all their superpowers but who wouldn't love to be able to teleport? Team Rye all the way
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Post by SamSim »

I would get the most use out of teleportation, but for boring reasons, lol.
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Post by hasincla »

I'd have to say I actually liked Carly's powers best, as the healing is one handy skill (I know this mostly from playing Final Fantasy).
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Post by NatRose »

hasincla wrote: 17 Apr 2020, 15:55 I'd have to say I actually liked Carly's powers best, as the healing is one handy skill (I know this mostly from playing Final Fantasy).
I agree because Carly not only had healing but also destructive spells and also the ability to knock people out. Altogether, that's she seems like the most capable and I appreciate the aesthetic of fire powers as well.

I do wish we got to know a bit more about what Dauma was capable of since apparently she was incredibly powerful.
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Post by Kishor Rao »

I really liked the Rye's powers as she was a key advantage for the heroes to get to places and save themselves from the evil that was upon them
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Post by Fi Zoraa »

The most fascinating power was definitely the merging. The other powers were pretty standard superpowers. With merging, there's a whole load of possibilities, like possessing all the possible powers of all descendants in one person if it gets further enough down the bloodline.
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Post by Barbie_sidhu »

If i were a mutant i would love to be a telepath and get inside the minds of other people. :D
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Post by Barbara Larkin »

Telekinesis is one of my all-time favourite powers. The possibilities are endless because it's like a combination of powers - flying, ability to control objects, levitation, gravity negation or manipulation, not to mention the theoretical aspects. Definitely the best.
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