Favourite Mutant power

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Re: Favourite Mutant power

Post by SirLaddie »

I liked Rye's ability to teleport the best.
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Post by Salma_asa »

I think Rye's ability to teleport,adam's ability to fly and see memories are really cool to have. Also dauma's power to detect lies!
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Post by Amy747 »

I think that being able to pass on your knowledge would be great because future generations would become smarter and hopefully use that knowledge to improve things.
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Post by kaylahk17 »

I think that even with the added traits Carly ended the book with, I most like Rye. Her overall character was enjoyable and her power was cool. I would love to teleport anywhere I would like and not have to think about traffic.
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Post by corinaelena »

All of them! haha, I would love to have powers. Beggars can't be choosers I guess, lol
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Post by freshbook »

I think Adam's cloaking ability is the coolest! I'm all for deception and stealth, and he even learned to cloak others as well!
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Post by Howlan »

spencermack wrote: 06 Feb 2020, 20:12 I think any book with powerful beings is enticing to think about which one would be the most beneficial. However, I think it's an exciting opportunity to explore metaphors or symbolism in our own life.
Yes speaking of that rather than making these powers hereditary it would be far more interesting for these descendants to acquire powers based on their personas. Adam would definitely be fire- user in that setting.
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Post by SurroundedByBooks »

I’ve been googling up on aerokinesis because there’s so many things you can do. Anything that can make me fly and I’m all for it.

I still don’t get how it can make you invisible though.
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Post by nfdoughe »

Personally I found some of the powers to be a stretch. I realized we're talking about made up powers, but still. They were odd at best, especially how they had numerous that sometimes seemed to have nothing to do with each other. I'd probably choose Mariah, though, because she can always get to safety and save other people too.
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Post by mama_ash »

I agree, Rye's ability was the coolest to me - wouldn't life be so much easier if we could all teleport?
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Post by CherylTegan7 »

They say knowledge is power and we all know how important it is. Being able to pass it on would be invaluable. However, flying or teleporting would be amazing. No car payments, gas, maintenance, or repairs, no airline fares. I would save so much $$$
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Post by cristinaro »

I guess I was more drawn to Evan's ability to alter reality. This would be perfect for anybody from time to time. :)
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Post by OfficialEmma »

Of course, I like Rye's ability more than any other, though it's a very delicate ability which if misused could mess up life.
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Post by Scerakor »

Adam seems to be quite a popular option here and I think I'll have to agree! Harnessing that which nature provides would be amazing.
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Post by Ronel_Steyn »

I'm reading all of these superpowers that they had and still want someone to be invisible. That has always been my favourite.
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