Carly and Kane's friendship

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Re: Carly and Kane's friendship

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leareiler wrote: 09 Mar 2020, 13:59 I don't blame Carly for the kiss, but I do think she should have handled their whole relationship better. Like, she knew Kane liked her, but she still didn't feel the need to set any boundaries? But I do think Kane should NOT have made a move. It was disrespectful to her and Adam. Like, he knew they were together and if he wanted to let her know he had feelings for her, he should have used his words, not his lips.
I agree. I don't think it was one side or the other that was 100% "wrong," but that the entire situation could have been handled a lot better (by both of them). An establishment of boundaries should have been a priority for Carly, and Kane should have "used his words," as you described it.

Due to the language that the author used a lot to describe Carly, it seemed that she was trying to portray her as very "rational" and "mature." If she truly was supposed to be characteristic of that, I think it would have been fitting for her character and a good choice of the author for them to have a "boundaries chat." And can you imagine actually having that in a YA book?! That kind of positive interaction could have really presented a good model for this age-range. But I get the fictitious drama of it and the ability to use the scene to show Adam as "changing" from his past-reactive self and giving Carly a more "emotional" and "human" appeal.
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sevencrows wrote: 02 Feb 2020, 22:30
DragonLight877 wrote: 02 Feb 2020, 22:20 I think Kane knew she was in a relationship. Just because Carly chose to wear a sweater, that doesn't mean Kane just gets to forget that Carly is in a relationship. Now I wouldn't say she should have resorted to violence, but all of that anger is fair, because Carly is the one who felt the guilt when faced by Adam again. It was wrong for Kane to take advantage of her in that way. No matter what she had on, or how she fell asleep accidentally.
I completely completely agree with this -- mentioning her clothes as a reason for Kane kissing her feels almost like blaming the victim, and though snuggling may have given him the wrong idea, it's also something non-romantic friends do. Carly's first reaction was to slap him, and in the moment I believe it can be justified.
Kane was not reading the signs that Carly was sending him all night that his extra attention was making her uncomfortable. She was trying to maintain the close relationship and not acknowledge the hints that Kane was giving her. There were several instances in their conversation and interactions before the movie that Carly indicated discomfort with Kane's comments and indicated that it was Adam that she wanted to be with. Ya, getting slapped sucks. But, getting kissed by a close friend when you have been deflecting those hints all night sucks too.
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I think what she was wearing is no reason for him to kiss her, especially as her close friend who she trusts. As far as what was presented in the book, I don't think she ever did something to give him the wrong impression. However, I feel she should have set better boundaries as someone in a relationship. As the closeness could be misconstrued if she wasn't in a relationship, I think that's what makes it inappropriate while she is in one.

She shouldn't have slapped him, but it's understandable if that was her automatic reaction to the kiss.
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