Mark: good or bad?

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Re: Mark: good or bad?

Post by hasincla »

Oh, poor Mark! I think he was a typical jerk who couldn't handle his wife holding on to her youth longer than him and his son didn't love him. So he went out and screwed around and got a divorce. Boo hoo. Then again, he didn't deserve to *die* by the Iksha.
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Post by Rasiga_shri »

Mark was a bad person. He cheated Joann and broked her heart💔. As a father also I don't think that he was perfect.
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Post by Zaddy_007 »

kaylahk17 wrote: 24 Feb 2020, 08:53 I think Mark's character was in a rough spot. I do not in any way condone cheating but I also see the relationship he was watching and missing out on. He saw the relationship between his wife and son and must have picked up on how strong it was. He also was excluded from a relationship with Adam. I would have felt hurt by that and unloved.
I totally agree, he missed out on the love from a family that he was meant to lead.
Kishor Rao
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Post by Kishor Rao »

I thought there was more to Mark and his arc. LOL. As Adam's strong desire towards JoAnn was explained through the serum, the same reason could be given for Mark finding happiness in other places. It did not go totally unnoticed that Adam and Jo were behaving weirdly.
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I completely agree with you. I fee no parent deserves to be treated the way Adam treated his father. This was one of the reasons I didn’t like Adam’s character in the book.
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Post by Joshuaomollo »

The fact that he mistreated Adam's mother is enough to make the judgement because in the long run he has a responsibility to both of them. I would personally say he isn't a good guy
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Post by Josep22 »

Loving your son is one thing, but for me, respecting and loving the mother to your son is even more vital to being a good person. So I'm of the opinion Mark isn't a good person.
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Post by Jajachris »

In my opinion, the man did what he had to do.
While I cannot excuse his treatment of his wife, it should also be put into consideration that he probably felt left out and his attempts to connect with Adam were always met with closure.

Sad thing he died but to me he was a good man.
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M Deedee
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Post by M Deedee »

Well for me, I think the best way for a father to show that he loves his son is to be a good husband to his wife, Mark should have shown that and not just try to be a good father to Adam alone.
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Post by jhunt »

Debating whether Mark is good or bad is similar to debating the same with Severus Snape in Harry Potter. Both characters are not completely good or bad.
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Post by Fi Zoraa »

xuanmaii wrote: 20 Feb 2020, 15:12 Adam's father-Mark, though the way he treat his wife was kind of unacceptable, but he always tried to be a good father to Adam. Sometimes I felt pity for him because though not a perfect husband, he was a good dad, and till the end of his life he couldn't receive any kind of expression of love or gratitude from his son.
I find it hard to form an opinion about him because apart from the one meal when Carly was introduced to Adam's family, we don't really learn much about him and the family dynamic. While his actions are inexcusable, I think it's complicated. We don't know if he put in a continuous effort to work on his relationship with Adam or if he gave up quickly.
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Post by Radhika_puri »

I felt bad knowing he is dead. He was not at fault for his death. He just cheated his wife because of his own insecurities but that's between the both but Iksha made him captive and he died. I felt bad for him.
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Post by Barbie_sidhu »

For me Mark was fine. Everyone is different and live their life by their own choice. So was Mark, he chose to live in a different way but his death was little unfair.
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Post by Banette »

Yeah, honestly Mark's treatment in the house felt entirely unwarranted when I read it. And then when his affairs were revealed it felt like a retcon as opposed to an actual explanation of Jo's treatment of him. And Adam was completely out of line for hating his dad so much in the beginning.
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Post by Yvonne Monique »

I actually kind of felt sorry for Mark at the end. I don't think he deserved the final he got, or at least he could have played a bigger role until his final end was revealed.
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